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Black L.A. 1947: Cross Burnings and Jim Crow Trains in Los Angeles – The Biggest Stories of 1946

In its Jan. 2, 1947, issue, the Los Angeles Sentinel looked back at the major stories of 1946, a good introduction to the year ahead: Job discrimination, Jim Crow laws, segregated housing, police beatings and racial violence. We will be … Continue reading

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Errol Flynn Named in Paternity Suit

Oct. 18, 1943: Los Angeles is in the middle of a paternity suit brought by Shirley Evans Hassau, 21, against Errol Flynn. Hassau charged that Flynn was the father of her daughter Marilyn, who was 3. Hassau was seeking $1,750 … Continue reading

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Jury Disinherits Two Pet Dogs

Note: Here’s a post I originally wrote for the 1947project back in 2005. Pat and Gunner, 6-year-old Irish setters who were left a $30,000 estate by their late master, Carleton R. Bainbridge, retired attorney, yesterday were disinherited by a jury … Continue reading

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Escaped Soldier Denies Attacking Former Screen Star

Sept. 11, 1943: The Times features the Los Angeles Times-Army Ordnance in Action Show being held at Exposition Park. The Times promised that “visitors will see the massive 32-ton Gen. Sherman tanks whose tough armor and deadly firepower blasted the … Continue reading

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Rose Parade Encounter Leads to Killing of Arcadia Woman

Aug. 9, 1963: “In Saigon, 400 miles to the south, police geared for trouble as a young, unidentified monk announced plans to burn himself to death in the continuing Buddhist struggle for what they consider their civil rights and religious … Continue reading

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Who Was California’s First Woman Judge? A Puzzlement

April 17, 1913: Clara Jess, described as the first woman in California to be appointed as a judge, resigns after a year. She was the recorder of Daly City and functioned like a justice of the peace, according to an … Continue reading

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China Bans Traditional Clothing for Western Fashions

Jan. 3, 1913: The Chinese government issues an edict against traditional clothing in favor of Western fashions. Women were called upon “to abandon their trousers for the occidental skirt and men to give up their comfortable loose clothes for the … Continue reading

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Millennial Moment – Investigation of LAPD Spy Unit Sought

Dec. 11, 1982: David Johnston writes about the case of undercover LAPD Officer Fabian Lizarraga, who infiltrated the Revolutionary Communist Party and led protesters in a May Day march in 1980 that resulted in a fight with police and arrests … Continue reading

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Feuding Women Sentenced to 90 Days in Same Jail Cell

Oct. 24, 1942: Yetta Furst of 2208 Sheridan St. and Anna  Rubenstein of 2214 Sheridan St. had been feuding for 20 years and had been charged with disturbing the peace. Municipal Judge Ida May Adams sentenced them to  90 days … Continue reading

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Times Wins Pulitzer for Public Service

May 5, 1942: The Times wins a Pulitzer Prize for public service. The prize was awarded after The Times fought contempt of court charges for publishing editorials on pending cases. The dispute began in 1938 when a group from the … Continue reading

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Database of Slave Names Going Online

Image: “Christ Carrying the Cross Dragged by a Rogue.” The Virginia Historical Society is compiling a database of slaves and owners. The database, which will go online Wednesday, contains the names of 1,400 slaves and 180 owners, according to Eve … Continue reading

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‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ Is a Fake, Prosecutors Say

  Image: Save a Torah website. Credit: Saveatorah.org Perhaps you remember James Barron’s April 30, 2008, feature in the New York Times about Rabbi Menachem Youlus of Save a Torah, who traveled the world, often at great expense and tremendous … Continue reading

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Woman Executed for Sex With Dog, 1677

Photo: Mujeres listas para recivir a Rabago, 1911. Credit: Walter H. Horne/Getty Research Institute “A Nation Emerges,” featuring images of the Mexican Revolution, will go  on display at the Central Library from Sept. 8 to June 3. The exhibit, presented … Continue reading

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How to Be an EBay Huckster

Photo: First all-women jury in Los Angeles. Credit: EBay listing. Photo: First all-women jury in Los Angeles. Credit: Bain News Service, Nov. 2, 1911. You can pay $9.99 for a cropped version of this photo on EBay or get it … Continue reading

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#history, #museum

NEWSThe U.S. Justice Department says that oral history interviews are not protected by confidentiality agreements, according to Scott Jaschik on the Inside Higher Ed blog. Jaschik writes: The U.S. position in the case deals with a number of issues raised … Continue reading

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‘Zoot Suit’ and history – Part 1

I was extremely fortunate to attend Wednesday night’s showing of “Zoot Suit” and hear remarks by the panel that preceded the show. Betto Arcos moderated a session with director Luis Valdez, Rose Portillo (Della), Edward James Olmos (El Pachuco) and … Continue reading

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Pioneering African American Attorney Walter L. Gordon Jr. Honored

Walter L. Gordon Jr., left, and Judge William C. Beverly Jr. This week, the UCLA library honored the 103rd birthday Walter L. Gordon Jr., one of the pioneering African American attorneys in Los Angeles. Judge William C. Beverly Jr. was … Continue reading

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Spring Street revisited

  Photograph by the Los Angeles Times This picture shows the later stages in the realignment of Spring Street. Demolition workers have sheared off the fronts of several buildings.   One of the most recognizable downtown landmarks–the Hall of Records … Continue reading

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Spring Street revisited

  C.C. Pierce & Co. Photographers, Los Angeles, Cal. U.S.A. This picture was taken from Spring and 2nd streets about 1895, and shows the reverse angle of Spring and 1st, which we looked at yesterday.   One of the most … Continue reading

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July 15, 1908

ere’s an update on the story of Joseph H.N. Longy, who was arrested on charges of sending threatening letters to local businessmen. The Times gives an elaborate description of his "oil gun" and a primitive hand grenade that was found … Continue reading

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