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Matt Weinstock

July 31, 1957 The whole thing started many months ago when Sparks Stringer poured out his chagrin here at being unable to find any farkleberries in L.A. He had in mind whipping up a farkleberry pie like his mother used … Continue reading

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Women attacked

July 31, 1957Los Angeles In the continuing assaults across the city, a North Hollywood housewife fought off an intruder while a 60-year-old Hollywood woman was saved from strangling by the staff of her Hollywood apartment building after she was grabbed … Continue reading

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No deal

July 30, 1957Los Angeles The state prosecutor and the defense had reached an agreement on most points in the conspiracy trial involving Confidential and Whisper magazines. According to the proposed accord, Confidential and Whisper would: 1.Abandon their present format, would … Continue reading

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Bill Walsh in The Times

Bob Oates on Bill Walsh rebuilding the 49ers, Oct. 1, 1980; and Jim Murray on Bill Walsh, Jan. 10, 1982: Bob Oates, Part 1 Bob Oates, Part 2 Bob Oates, Part 3 Jim Murray, Part 1 Jim Murray, Part 2

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Ingmar Bergman on ‘Cries and Whispers’

Charles Champlin’s interview with the late Ingmar Bergman on “Cries and Whispers,” Feb. 25, 1973: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Random queries

The hits for the Daily Mirror blog show that someone is researching the Feb. 13, 1969, robbery of the Bank of America at 3320 S. Hill. Here’s your answer: The Times wrote very little about the case, although police killed … Continue reading

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Cold case solved

July 25-31, 1957Los Angeles Nine minutes after the cyanide pellets were dropped in the gas chamber at San Quentin, James Lewis Feldkamp,  25, who had once tried to become an LAPD officer, was dead. If he hadn’t been turned down … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

July 29, 1957 I tore a taco the other day with my favorite villain, Paul Fierro. Chances are that you’ve seen him in movies or TV without knowing who he was. He’s the tall, dark, grim guy who gives the … Continue reading

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Here’s to the Thunder Riders

Photos courtesy of the Autry National Center. Gene Autry reboots a Muranian robot deep beneath Radio Ranch. The Autry National Center is marking the centennial of Gene Autry’s birth with a showing of “The Phantom Empire,” my favorite movie combining … Continue reading

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Literary diversions

Although we overlapped slightly at The Times, I never met Chuck Powers, who left the paper to write novels only to die of a rare blood disease shortly before his first book, the critically acclaimed “In the Memory of the … Continue reading

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Rewriting history

From left, Times reporter Bonnie Glessner, Tiny Broadwick and Glenn Martin, Jan. 9, 1914 This was supposed to be an upbeat story about the early days of aviation–a nice change of pace from crime and death. And it is–but not … Continue reading

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Attack in Griffith Park

July 27, 1957Los Angeles I’m going to describe a neighborhood and you guess where it is: Gay women living together, speaking Armenian and working for nonprofits. (OK, I’m exaggerating slightly). Also lots of foreign-born urbanites and “makin’ it singles.” That’s … Continue reading

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Voices–Lew Irwin

Longtime broadcaster Lew Irwin operates Studio Briefing, an Internet-based daily digest of entertainment industry news. This is his story about reporting on the NAACP brutality lawsuits against the Police Department. I was working for KPOL… I was the news director … Continue reading

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Random shot

A fully functional Union 76 ball at La Brea Avenue and 6th Street. Photograph by Larry Harnisch Los Angeles Times

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The day in sports

July 27, 1957 Los Angeles Page 1

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Matt Weinstock

July 26, 1957 This is to report that the Swiss family Caserini has held its annual picnic at Steckel Park near Santa Paula and it is now OK for things to get back to normal. Caserini is a generic term … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

July 23, 1957 There have been so many homicides lately it’s almost impossible to remember one from another. But David Swaim, the news photog, won’t soon forget an incident in connection with a slaying he covered in Baldwin Park a … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

July 26, 1957 Mrs. Mary McAlpin, of this city, died less than 48 hours ago. There are powerful and conflicting versions as to why. The lone agreement comes in that the story of her death began six weeks ago. On … Continue reading

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Never seen again

When Dr. George Ripley Fuller vanished, he left few clues and countless questions. What we don’t know about him would fill a book while the facts cover a page or two at most. We know he was 27 when he … Continue reading

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Champagne flight II

Another picture of the damaged Western Air Lines plane, showing a detail of the hole made by the explosion.

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