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Cafe Frankenstein, When a Cappuccino was 70 Cents

Here’s something truly awesome: A menu for the Cafe Frankenstein in Laguna Beach with artwork by Burt Shonberg, listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $125.  I wrote about Cafe Frankenstein in 2011 when a group of slides was … Continue reading

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Al Martinez, a Dying Boy and Some Peaches

Jim Romenesko, for those who aren’t in the news business, runs an essential blog that serves as a clearing house for information, gossip, bad headlines and assorted gaffes. A Jan. 6 post dealt with former Times columnist Al Martinez, who … Continue reading

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Harvey Glatman: The Early Years — Part 2

Aug. 26, 1946: Harvey Glatman is arraigned on robbery charges in Albany, N.Y. When he was still a teenager, Harvey Glatman was already displaying the behavior that led to the deaths of three Southern California women in the 1950s and … Continue reading

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Harvey Glatman: The Early Years — Part I

Aug. 27, 1946: Harvey Glatman in the Yonkers, N.Y., Herald Statesman. Whenever I am contacted by TV producers about appearing on a crime show, I always caution them that I’m a specialist not a generalist. I don’t do Sal Mineo, … Continue reading

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One Magazine From 1957 and 1958

What the vendor says are complete runs of the 1957 and 1958 issues of One magazine have been listed on EBay at $69.99 each. Individual issues often sell for $10-$20 or more, so this is actually a deal – if … Continue reading

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‘Gangster Squad’: Fail — Part 3

In responding to my post on “Gangster Squad,” Earl Boebert raised the interesting question about whether officers used a one-handed or two-handed grip in the 1940s. For comparison, here’s a picture from Jack Webb’s “The Badge” (1958) showing LAPD cadets … Continue reading

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Found on EBay: The Ma Duncan Trial

Rare (or r@re) is terribly overused on EBay, but this time it’s accurate. A LP from clandestine recordings made at the murder trial of Elizabeth “Ma” Duncan, has been listed. Bidding starts at $5. The Duncan case (she was convicted … Continue reading

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Carl and Jerry Get a Kindle Fire

Gort: Tannenbaum baringa! Futurism in 1958. I bought a Kindle Fire a few days ago and since it arrived I’ve been thinking about John T. Frye W9EGV. Unless you are an electronics geek of a certain age, it’s likely you … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Cheryl Crane

Photo: Cheryl Crane and Lana Turner in court. Credit: Los Angeles Examiner collection, USC. April 5, 1958: Cheryl Crane is held in the death of Johnny Stompanato. Mary Mallory points out that Cheryl Crane will be discussing her new book, … Continue reading

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Mike Wallace Interviews

I stumbled into a trove of interesting interviews by Mike Wallace that are online at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Austin at Texas. Here’s Wallace’s Aug. 25, 1957, interview with the notorious Freddie Otash, the former LAPD … Continue reading

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El Segundo Revisited

orman Frederick Gagnon looks like an excellent suspect in the unsolved killing of two El Segundo police officers last year. In an incident quite similar to the El Segundo case, Charles H. May and a female companion (The Times, fortunately, … Continue reading

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