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Matt Weinstock, Jan. 31, 1961

       Jan. 31, 1961: Matt Weinstock has an item about author Leonard Wibberley’s experiences in Portugal – recounted in the book “No Garlic in the Soup.” DEAR ABBY: Help me make a decision that involves a child's future. … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, June 7, 1960

  June 7, 1960: Paul Coates has the story of a baby girl who was left in Ray Gahring's Cadillac, which was parked behind his real estate office at 7131 Balboa Blvd. The little girl would be 50 now. I … Continue reading

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Mother Looking for Runaway Boy, 11

  July 20, 1899: A mother is trying to find her 11-year-old son, who ran away from the orphans' home five days ago. He was wearing blue overalls, a blue shirt, straw hat and was barefoot.

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June 19, 1938

ermany begins the systematic roundup of Jews on the pretext of putting them in "protective custody" or claiming that they are foreigners "without proper papers." "At Buchenwald Concentration Camp, near Weimar, it was reported that 65 army buses were arriving … Continue reading

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June 18, 1958

wenty years after Ed Ainsworth’s series on Los Angeles’ congested streets, The Times takes another look at traffic. I (almost) never grow tired of saying that the incredible number of transportation studies performed in Los Angeles would fill a library. … Continue reading

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Harry Raymond bombing

Feb. 3, 1938Los Angeles  Paul Wright collapses on the witness stand … A car plays "Nearer, My God, to Thee" when it reaches 60 mph … A member of the LAPD Intelligence Unit surrenders in the investigation of the Harry … Continue reading

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Rock Hudson’s wedding album

I went down to The Times’ archives and pulled Rock Hudson‘s wedding pictures because I’m the kind of person who would want to see Rock Hudson’s wedding pictures. Please note: All captions are from original information provided when the photos … Continue reading

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Linda Leabow update

Prodded by a reader who directed me to an ancestry website, I can fill in a few blanks about Linda Leabow, who figured in the Marie Wilson story. According to California death records, Linda L. Cairns, listed with the maiden … Continue reading

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Marie Wilson update

I went into the archives last night and pulled the photos of Marie Wilson and her family. Photograph by Don Cormer / Los Angeles TimesMarie Wilson and her son, Greg. Los Angeles Times photoMarie Wilson with Greg and Christine, Oct. … Continue reading

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Change of Heart

Oct. 16-22, 1957 Los Angeles Somewhere, perhaps in Los Angeles, is a woman who celebrated her 50th birthday on June 25, 1957, and may have no idea of the legal battle that was fought over her when she was 3 … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

June 22, 1957 By now, presumably, people who voted for the $40,000,000 bond issue to extend the city’s park and recreation system and expand the zoo know that $2,000,000 of the money will go for roads into Chavez Ravine, where … Continue reading

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This is your life

April 19, 1957 Los Angeles Your name is Jay. You are 55. You grew up in the San Fernando Valley–15224 Willard Way in Van Nuys, to be specific. You were adopted at birth by a couple named Strickland: Jane and … Continue reading

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