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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: 4634 Santa Monica Blvd., Where History Was Made

Though today the home of Union Swap Meet, 4634 Santa Monica Blvd. once served as the location for pioneering director Lois Weber’s motion picture studio from 1917 through 1925. Ranking as one of the top three directors in 1915, Weber … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Los Angeles Elks’ Temple Highlights Importance of Fraternal Organizations

The Elks Temple in an undated photo. Note: This is an encore post from 2015. Long a glamorous, outstanding example of Neo-Gothic Architecture and the powerful force of fraternal organizations, Los Angeles’ Elks’ Temple #99 still stands proudly at 607 … Continue reading

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Follies Burlesque Dancer Scales Rosslyn Hotel!

A photographer for an unidentified men’s magazine from the 1950s (Argosy? Swank? Nugget?) took a dancer with the nom de strip “Dotty Pearce” up to the roof of the Rosslyn Hotel for some pictures. The article is part of a … Continue reading

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Long Beach: Cyclone Racer in ‘Half Angel,’ Part 3

In this sequence, our romantic leads dash out of the Cyclone Racer.

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Gentlemen, Your Wedding Photos Are Ready After 62 Years, Part 5

This is the last interior shot accompanying the photos of the 1957 wedding of two men in Philadelphia. Let’s see if we can detect anything that may shed some light on our mystery guests. Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Clarence Brown Provides Quick Shave to King Gillette Ranch

King Camp Gillette dies at the age of 77 in 1932. He gave architect Wallace Neff free rein to built an expansive ranch in Calabasas, but only lived there for a few years before his death. Tennessean Clarence Brown reigned … Continue reading

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Jan. 24, 1969: Ghosts of Wrigley Field

Keith Thursby says: John Hall wrote a couple of columns bidding farewell to Los Angeles’ Wrigley Field. “It was another time, another place. It was Wrigley Field, 1925-1969, may it rest in peace. The demolition crews are at work and … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Olvera Street, Salute to Los Angeles’ Spanish Past

A postcard of the Avila Adobe, listed on EBay for $1.89. “A people that has lost touch with its historical past, forgotten its traditions and wasted its heritage is as unfortunate as a man who has lost his memory. Without … Continue reading

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Dec. 29, 1907: The City Grows

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Dec. 29, 1907 Los Angeles The Times real estate pages feature homes under construction around Washington Boulevard west of Hobart Boulevard. “This section is just being built up with a splendid class … Continue reading

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Architectural Ramblings

Dec. 28, 2006 Los Angeles As promised, here are some photos of a few neighborhoods I visited recently.   Views of South Pasadena

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L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Holiday Shopping Guide

Note: This is an encore post from 2011. I picked up “The Big Picture,” Melba Levick and Stanley Young’s 1988 book about Los Angeles murals, not realizing what a terribly sad book it would be. As Young notes: “Most artists … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo

I was watching this movie the other night and thought: “Hey! Wait a minute. That’s…..” The film shouldn’t be too hard to identify. But the location …  hmmmmmm. As I often say, living in Los Angeles is like living in … Continue reading

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#architecture, #art, #black dahlia, #history, #religion, 8|9|2011

Photo: 130 W. 30th, via Google maps’ street view. SPOTLIGHT David W. Dunlap, writing in the New York Times’ City Room, tells the story of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah,  sometimes called the “gay synagogue,” which is moving into a building … Continue reading

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Architectural Rambling: Julian Eltinge Home – 1921

The home of Julian Eltinge at 2328 Baxter Street in Silver Lake is barely visible from the street. Note: While trolling EBay, I found yet another article that had been cut from a magazine, in this case, the Architectural Record … Continue reading

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#history, #museums, 7|31|2011

Photo: The former MGM film exchange at Hyde and Eddy streets in San Francisco. Credit: Adithya Sambamurthy/The Bay Citizen The Bay Citizen used the upper photo with the story while NYTimes.com used the lower photo. I might have gone with … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Hotel Huntington

Main and 8th via Google maps’ street view. A postcard of the Hotel Huntington at Main and 8th streets has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $3.

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Found on EBay – Mullen & Bluett

This postcard showing the new building of Mullen & Bluett (d. 1969) which became Grodins (d. 1972) has been listed on EBay. And here’s the building as shown on Google map’s street view. Bidding on the postcard starts at 99 … Continue reading

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#architecture, #books, #history, #museums, 7|23|2011 [Updated]

Photos: Josef Mengele’s notebooks. Credit: Alexander Autographs. RECOMMENDED Randy Kennedy of the New York Times catches up with famous/notorious graffiti artist/tagger TAKI 183 at a book signing for “The History of American Graffiti.” Rex Huppke’s ‘I Just Work Here’ Column … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Batchelder Tile

This rather remarkable example of Batchelder tile has been listed on EBay. The vendor’s family was apparently a Batchelder distributor and has had this since the 1930s.   As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly … Continue reading

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Architectural Rambling

The home at 1315 S. El Molino in Pasadena is one of my favorite local landmarks. When I moved to Los Angeles, I spent a long time looking for the house before I finally located it.  I drive by it … Continue reading

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