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Found on EBay — B.H. Dyas Co.

This monogrammed 1920s poker chip, sold by the B.H. Dyas Co. store in Los Angeles, has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $7.50. ALSO B.H. Dyas Co. on the Daily Mirror

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Santa Claus Is No Ordinary Man!

    Dec. 23, 1960: Take that, Sluggo, you gender-stereotyping clod! On the jump, a “legless World War II veteran” is charged with having 250 reels of stag films…. Jack Smith goes Christmas shopping and finds his fellow human beings … Continue reading

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It’s in the Cards

July 20, 1960: For the longest time I’ve been thinking that I have ignored the bridge fans among the Daily Mirror's readers. Here’s a syndicated column by Alfred Sheinwold (d. 1997), which debuted in The Times in 1958. Sheinwold's columns weren't … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Scaccomatto Chess Set

Somewhere in the last 6,000 posts on the Daily Mirror, I ran something about this unusual 1977 chess set in which all the pieces fit together to make two cubes. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate the entry at the … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — Hollywood Spin

An unusual novelty — a board game based on Hollywood streets — has been listed on EBay. Hollywood Spin is similar to Monopoly, according to the vendor, with familiar landmarks from the 1940s like Earl Carroll's and the Brown Derby. … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your President’s Recreation

  Sept. 3, 1921: President Harding's golf balls were marked with 13 stars and his initials, and they were collectible even in 1921.  

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A Brutal Sport Hounded to Extinction

Coursing as depicted in The Times on Dec. 12, 1897. "The rabbit dodged this way and that, squatted suddenly to the ground while the hound rushed past. Once, the dog's teeth sank in the hindquarters of the rabbit, jerked the … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — Mahjong Set From Dyas Co.

This mahjong set from the Dyas Co. has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $9.99.

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Services for Lou Costello, Advice to Young Ballplayers, March 8, 1959

Lou Costello’s service at Calvary Cemetery was attended by Danny Thomas, Red Skelton, George Jessel, Joe E. Brown, Jerry Colonna, Ronald Reagan, Leo Carrillo and Virginia Grey. Longtime partner Bud Abbott was a pallbearer.  Word in Hollywood is that "Some … Continue reading

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Arabs on Alert, Baseball Strike? February 20, 1969

Nancy Sinatra … in WAX! To simulate prejudice, brunet students eat at a table designed "No Blondes." At left, Arab countries prepare for retaliation for a terrorist attack on an El Al airliner at Zurich. Also… Take the time to … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — 1907 Shriners Convention

The 1907 Shriners Convention was a big event in Los Angeles that produced all sorts of memorabilia: glassware, pins, ribbons, postcards, etc. A program, above, has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $6.50. (At left, even local businesses got … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — Bullock’s Wilshire

At left, a Dinky Toys set with the original box from Bullock’s Wilshire has been listed on EBay. Bids start at $115.            

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Movie star kisses 1-millionth visitor to park, October 20, 1958

Pacific Ocean Park, 1958 – 1975  

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Civil Service chief arrested, card players held in vice crackdown, October 13, 1938

At left,  the general manager of the city’s Civil Service Commis-sion is arrested on charges of tampering with the final results of employment tests. Police Chief James Davis calls a meeting to tell captains  to focus on serious vice and … Continue reading

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LA turns 157, September 5, 1938

Capt. Eugene Plummer is featured in a story about Plummer Park in West Hollywood. According to the caption, the revolver he’s holding belonged to Joaquin Murietta. At left, Mayor Frank Shaw and actor Leo Carrillo help celebrate Los Angeles’ 157th … Continue reading

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US relaxes immigration law for Jewish refugees, Greenberg leads Babe Ruth, August 29, 1938

I’ve never made a scientific survey, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Eugene Biscailuz were the most photographed sheriff in the history of Los Angeles County. The man certainly knew how to get his picture in the paper. The trophy … Continue reading

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Police kill man, rock ‘n’ roll, Dodgers win, August 21, 1958

  Hula Hoops and Dick Clark at the Hollywood Bowl (with Rod McKuen!) Jan and Arnie ("Jennie Lee," "The Beat That Can’t Be Beat")? The Six Teens ("A Casual Look")? These are not names that are familiar to me. Hey … Continue reading

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Engineer Bill plays ‘Red Light, Green Light’

In 1976, the Los Angeles Times covers a reunion of Sheriff John Rovick, Engineer Bill Stulla, Jimmy “Webster Webfoot” Weldon, Skipper Frank Herman, Vance Colvig and Walker Edmiston.
Continue reading

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Marines leave Lebanon, president seeks Middle East peace, August 13, 1958

  e lead the nation in alcoholism, according to The Times’ Harry Nelson. You can just call California "the intoxicated state." But 25.73 gallons of alcohol for every resident age 15 and older? Wow. President Eisenhower will address the U.N. … Continue reading

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Dog IQ test, August 10, 1958

How smart is your dog? Read the Gettysburg Address to your faithful friend and find out. No, I mean it! Answers below. No cheating, Princess!        

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