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Study Finds Widespread Grade Inflation at L.A. County Schools

Aug. 30, 1899: Hawley, King & Co. buggies, 5th and Broadway. The county Board of Education finds "deplorable laxness and inefficiency" in most Los Angeles County schools. By 1899, California required each county to send standardized tests to all its … Continue reading

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Houdini at the Orpheum!

July 6, 1899: The Times reminds tourists to watch out for pickpockets. July 6, 1899: Look who's playing at the Orpheum. It's Houdini, with his wife, doing the Oregon boot routine. There's also a female impersonator named Tacianu. On May … Continue reading

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Mayor Orders Crackdown on Animal Cruelty

   July 3, 1899: Dog races continue at Agricultural Park despite the mayor's order of a police crackdown. According to testimony in an 1899 animal cruelty case brought by the ASCPA, these races consisted of two greyhounds chasing a California … Continue reading

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Woman, Baby Hurt in Bike Crash

  June 27, 1899: The Times published many stories about fires that were started by gasoline stoves. Given the primitive nature of firefighting at the time, the results were often tragic.   June 27, 1899: A woman with her baby … Continue reading

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Police Court, June 24, 1899

June 24, 1899: The cure for weak men.

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