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Parkey Sharkey – Found on EBay

A copy of Parkey Sharkey’s “Whiskey Road” has been listed on EBay. Several years ago, the L.A. Daily Mirror acquired a copy and it occupies an honored place in the research library. There are those who assumed that Parkey Sharkey … Continue reading

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Barbara Graham Defense Wins Delay After Prosecution Bombshell

Aug. 30, 1953: Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charles W. Fricke grants attorneys for Barbara Graham a slight delay in opening their defense after the prosecution closes with a “bombshell”: A transcript of a recorded conversation between Graham and … Continue reading

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Parents Sue Doctor Who Said Baby Girl Was a Boy!

Aug. 29, 1943: The family of Marine Cpl. Carroll E. Trego, a radio operator captured in the fall of Wake Island, receives a letter written from a prisoner of war camp in Shanghai. Dr. John M. Andrews is being sued … Continue reading

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N.R.A. Frees Workers to Visit the Library

August 1933: In my journey through years ending in “3,” I have neglected 1933, when the National Recovery Act took effect  Aug. 1. President Roosevelt’s plan was to put people back to work by raising the minimum wage to $12 … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo – Historic L.A. Edition

L.A. Observed has reposted this image, which was posted by Michael Beschloss, who identifies it as Broadway as it looked about 1902.

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6,000 Union Army Veterans Gather to Recall the Campfires of Old

The entire Aug. 27, 1903, edition of the Herald is available here. Aug. 27, 1903: The Los Angeles Times (and by extension, the Chandler family) is frequently treated as if it was the only paper in the city’s history. Those … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated +++)

And for Monday, we have a mystery fellow with the latest in gentlemen’s accessories.

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hollywood Studio Club Provides Home For Movie-Struck Girls

The Studio Club in Photoplay, 1917. T he advent of the 20th century offered the possibility of more freedom and opportunity for women. For decades, women had advocated for the right to vote, led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: New ‘Evidence’ in George ‘Evil Genius’ Hodel Franchise

Black Dahlia breakthrough! Let us suppose that there was a mathematician. A retired mathematician who once taught at a major university, who published and received tenure, and retired as a well-regarded member of the faculty. Let us further suppose that … Continue reading

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War Hero Kills Rich Widow in Botched Burglary

Grant Edward Anderson was a war hero, a burglar and a killer. A paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, Anderson served 19 months overseas, received two Purple Hearts,  and was awarded the Bronze Star for dragging four wounded men to safety … Continue reading

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Rocket Builder Steals Truckload of Equipment From Caltech

Aug. 22, 1953: Fred Frank Wildemuth kills his wife because he didn’t want her to catch carbon monoxide poisoning from him. “I, the Jury” in 3-D at the Paramount theaters in Hollywood and downtown. A brilliant — and unidentified — … Continue reading

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LAPD Women Join Marines

Aug. 21, 1943: Two women from the LAPD are joining the Marines: Lucy White, 26, who works in the fingerprinting department, and Margaret Davis, 22, of the record bureau. Judge Benjamin J. Scheinman is leaving the municipal bench to join … Continue reading

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L.A. French Benevolent Society Celebrates Founding in 1859

The entire Aug. 15, 1863, issue of the Los Angeles Star, scanned from a copy at the Huntington, is available from USC (in color) or the California Digital Newspaper Collection (black and white). Aug. 15, 1863: Another installment of the … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated +++)

And for Monday, a mystery woman…..

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘War Brides’ Promotes Peace

The killing of Austria’s Franz Ferdinand in 1914 helped kick off the Great War, or what we now know as World War I. Brutal fighting led to maimings and killings on a scale never witnessed before. Great Britain and France … Continue reading

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LAPD Spied on Mayor, Attorney General, Detective Says

Aug. 16, 1983: Former Times reporter Joel Sappell reports on allegations by Detective Michael J. Rothmiller that the LAPD’s Organized Crime Intelligence Division spied on Mayor Tom Bradley, then-Atty.Gen. John Van de Kamp, and other U.S., state, county and local … Continue reading

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Random Shot — Drawing Downtown Los Angeles

This young woman attracted several observers as she stood on 6th Street just west of Spring — near the Starbucks — on  Wednesday evening to sketch the streetscape. I didn’t want to interrupt her to ask her name. All I … Continue reading

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Hero Stops Runaway L.A. Streetcar

Aug. 15, 1943: Los Angeles’ long-gone streetcar system has achieved sainthood, but here’s an incident suggesting that in reality, it was less than perfect. (Heresy, I know). Shura Cherkassky performs at the Greek Theatre. Hedda Hopper with her version of … Continue reading

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Man Held in Killing of Ex-Marine — Part 2

As strange as the tale of Michael Timothy Cavanaugh had been, the case became even more bizarre once he was arrested. After several days of denying that he knew ex-Marine Ralph Welch, even though he was driving Welch’s car and … Continue reading

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Jean Renoir, Orson Welles and the Dim Remembrance of Things Past

Journalists are fond of telling and retelling their favorite war stories. These are raucous tales of daring exploits — usually mixed with strong drink — of great personal heroism, of triumphs on deadline and other various noble achievements, often involving … Continue reading

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