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June bride

June 30, 1957 Milwaukee Mary and Leeland met while taking summer courses at Harvard and are so in love that they want to get married. But while Leeland loves Mary, his parents hate her. She “shot holes through our heart,” … Continue reading

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Child beater

June 29, 1957 Los Angeles Here’s a formula for disaster: Take an unemployed 19-year-old who was booted out of the Marines after going AWOL and slashed his wrists when he was caught. Hook him up with a 21-year-old girlfriend who’s … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

June 28, 1957 Rehabilitation can come in curious ways. Let a man who occasionally checks in here tell his story of self-appraisal and reinstatement in society. One day he picked up a book, “Blood on the Boards,” by William Campbell … Continue reading

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Cold case file–the Pied Piper

Tyler Marshall’s Column One (known at The Times as a “nondupe) on the Pied Piper is one of my favorites. And since the presumed anniversary of the incident is in late June, it seemed like a good time to share … Continue reading

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Orchestra wives

June 28, 1957 Los Angeles It’s a tough life for orchestra wives. Consider the case of Joy Windsor, bandleader Charlie Barnet’s 10th wife. In May, Barnet had assured her that his days of touring were over. “I was on the … Continue reading

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They said it

June 27, 1957Los Angeles "The Lord made distinctions between the races in the beginning of time. This idea of amalgamation of races and one world and all that is of the devil." J.H. Seal, chairman of the board of trustees, … Continue reading

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Sports Arena

June 27, 1957 Los Angeles Here’s one plan that was actually built: The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Designed by the firm of Welton Becket, the arena was intended to be a 19,000-seat facility built for $5.7 million ($40,842,117.48 USD … Continue reading

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Smog alert

June 27, 1957 Los Angeles Everybody knows that Los Angeles suffered terrible smog in the 1950s, but without statistics, all we have are stories and photos of toxic clouds obscuring the landscape. In fact, for the unfortunate people living in … Continue reading

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In Rome

June 26, 1957 Los Angeles The late Art Buchwald always struck me as one of the least amusing humor columnists America has ever produced. But as this piece shows, he was a pretty fair writer when he wasn’t trying to … Continue reading

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Boxer dies

June 26, 1957 Los Angeles I’m pleased to present the work of John Hall, a columnist for the Mirror, The Times and the Orange County Register. In this piece, he recalls the late boxer “Mexican” Joe Rivers and his fight … Continue reading

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Lawyer drowns in pool

June 26, 1957 Los Angeles The lawyer drove up to the cabin in Tick Canyon, north of Saugus, in his Cadillac. He should have been home in Beverly Hills by now, but he phoned his wife, Mary, that he was … Continue reading

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I remember well the Paul Coates program on TV, Channel 11, when it was owned by The Times.  Never understood anything he was talking about when he was on, but I remember the stark blackness of the set behind him. … Continue reading

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Note to

I’m glad you folks are linking to me, but I’m quite curious as to what you’ve said as your site is restricted. Email me

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Victor Segno–man of mystery

Aha! EBay has  another envelope addressed to A. Victor Segno of the Segno Success Club, 701 N. Belmont. Segno, author of such books as “The Law of Mentalism,” “How to Be Happy Though Married” and “How to Have Beautiful Hair,” … Continue reading

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Valley blaze

    June 25, 1957 Los Angeles A 50-foot tower of flames fed by 7,000 gallons of pressurized liquid propane being transferred from a truck to a storage tank was snuffed by a 28-year-old man who said it was no … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

June 24, 1957 SUBJECT’S NAME: Delbert Wilson Miller. SUBJECT’S DESCRIPTION: Age, 60. Height, 5 feet, 10 inches. Weight, 155 pounds. Bald, rim of gray hair. Glass right eye. Tattoo: "IRMA-DELL" upper right arm. Tattoo of swastika on left forearm. Any … Continue reading

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Now showing!

June 24, 1957Los Angeles Now playing at the Million Dollar: "Tropicana" and  "Serenata en Mexico."

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Seven Samurai

Trivia note: Akira Kurosawa’s "Seven Samurai" premiered in Los Angeles at the late Linda Lea Theater in 1956.

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Literary diversions

Ross Macdonald, Jan. 15, 1972 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Dead end

  June 24, 1957 Los Angeles Police Capt. Walter R. Koenig was out walking his dog in the 5500 block of Green Oak Drive, where it dead ends in the Hollywood Hills, when he found Baby Boy Doe.  He was … Continue reading

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