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Nixon for President!

  Oct. 13, 1960: The Times endorses Richard Nixon for president. In fact, an editorial notes that the paper has been endorsing Nixon for the last eight years! On the jump, Chuck Hillinger goes on a jaunt to see how … Continue reading

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The ‘Sage of Jupiter’

Oct. 11, 1980: Charles Hillinger interviews  Russell C. Grigsby, the 93-year-old “Sage of Jupiter, Calif.” He’s about to strike it rich with a gold mine … and a couple of bestselling books … and a way to generate electricity from … Continue reading

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Mt. St. Helens Erupts

    May 19, 1980: Mt. St. Helens erupts in what The Times called “the largest volcanic eruption in historic times in the contiguous United States.” The eruption killed 57 people, including 21 who were never found, The Times said. … Continue reading

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USC Coed Killed; O’Malley Confident on Chavez Ravine

The imam of Yemen beheads several "Christian agitators" and has others mutilated in a crackdown on liberal reforms … USC student Linda Edna Martin, 21, is found naked and bleeding to death outside her boyfriend's apartment. The Parker T-Ball Jotter … Continue reading

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Vice President Visits Disneyland

June 15, 1959: Vice President Nixon shakes hands with a spaceman at Disneyland, which opened six new attractions, including the Matterhorn, the monorail (capable of 80 mph!) and the submarine rides. Then the family goes to Knott's Berry Farm, where … Continue reading

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Soviets Face Up to the Gulag, 1990

    Note: The Daily Mirror is pleased to present a nondupe by the late Charles Hillinger, written in 1990.   COLUMN ONE Soviets Face Up to the Gulag Millions died in prison camps in harshest Siberia. The once-taboo topic is … Continue reading

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City Workers May Get 5% Raises; Snow Cancels Dodgers Opener, April 11, 1959

On the cover, President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon predict a Republican victory in the 1960 presidential election. The country is "squarely behind our efforts to block excess spending and to keep the federal budget in balance," Nixon says. At … Continue reading

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Hillinger Meets Ackerman; Hard Times for the Angels, April 8, 1969

"UCLA recently spent $35,000 on a collection of science fiction. The books they purchased wouldn't begin to fill one of my rooms." Chuck Hillinger visits Forrest  Ackerman, who "lives in a 13-room house crawling with the monsters that once roamed … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Chuck Hillinger!

The Daily Mirror apologizes for the murky reproduction of stories on the "new, improved" Typepad platform. We're trying to fix it. If you click on it to make it full size you will be able to read it.

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Christmas 1968

The Pueblo crew arrives in San Diego. Note the bylines: Chuck Hillinger and Bob Rawitch! My good friend Eric Malnic, retired reporter who’s now recovering from surgery, often talks about the other distinguished rewrite folks at The Times and their … Continue reading

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Bachelor farmer leaves fortune to waitress, Dodger official trades son to Royals, December 18, 1968

Here’s the Los Angeles Times in its glory days: Chuck Hillinger on the cover and a Jim Murray column in sports. And it’s a perfect Hillinger story: A recluse farmer leaves most of his fortune to a former actress whom … Continue reading

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Charles Hillinger

March 26, 1975 Kelso, Calif.   Email me

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