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Robber Holds Up Streetcar

March 12, 1910: This story reminds me of Walter Collins’ streetcar robberies, but those didn’t occur until 1923. In fact, a streetcar conductor killed a robber in 1908.

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Bank Robbers Captured

The Times publishes a map by Charles Owens, who later contributed to “Nuestro Pueblo.” This is about the earliest work of his I’ve seen in the paper.  The bank robbery story carries the byline of Otis M. Wiles, which is … Continue reading

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Couple Held in Bank Robbery

Police arrest Edward Hudson and “Jane Smith” in the Hellman bank holdup. Police also find the blue getaway car… … and a second vehicle. Authorities are pursuing Arthur Brown in the Hellman robbery.  Hudson and “Smith” are arrested in a … Continue reading

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Three Pros Hold Up Bank

  The Times illustrates the  holdup with a cutaway drawing of the bank. One of the bank robbers looked like a “hop head” or drug fiend, The Times says.  Dec. 2, 1919: “The robbery, according to veteran detectives, was planned … Continue reading

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The Case of the Thankful Thief

  Nov. 8, 1909: The yearly season of petty crimes opens in Los Angeles, according to The Times, with a burglar who ate half a loaf of bread, some peach preserves and helped himself to $3 in a savings bank. … Continue reading

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Homeless Sleep in All-Night Theaters!

  "Norda Noll Slain" The Lugo Adobe on Gage Avenue. The Police Commission wanted to close all-night theaters but the council rejected the action amid debate over whether the city, county or state should care for the homeless who would … Continue reading

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Woman Charged With Robbing Man

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Monorail Planned for Downtown Los Angeles!

"She Was Gone … Real Gone!" Voters reject higher taxes. View this page Beatnik robbers tell victim to "play it cool." Woof, Daddy-o. Above, another mass-transit plan that never got off the drawing board. All right, you kids, no more … Continue reading

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Telephone Bandit Goes on Rampage

May 27, 1939: The Telephone Bandit shoots up pay phones to keep victims from reporting holdups.

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Mystery Boy Found in Echo Park, Famous Poet Serenades Goats, April 17, 1939

The Times noted that Charles Owens had an art exhibit on the third floor of City Hall. A 27-year-old man says he robbed the country club where he worked to provide a few essentials for his mother. He was sentenced … Continue reading

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Voices — Christine Collins, September 8, 1931

  Los Angeles, Calif.,   Sept. 8, 1931     Dear. Mr. Neumiller,     I am writing to you again in behalf of my husband, Walter J. Collins, No. 12824, an inmate at Represa, Calif.     I understand … Continue reading

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Parolee sought in killing of studio executive, January 1959

George Albert Scott and Curtis C. Lichtenwalter were leaving the In Between Cafe, 5414 Melrose, with $400 and a sawed-off shotgun about midnight Dec. 30, 1958, when they encountered Kenneth S. Savoy, 35, on his way into the bar. "Just … Continue reading

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LAPD officers accused of beating, August 24, 1938

Above, another editorial in The Times’ well-worn tradition of asking: "What’s all the fuss I hear about … recalling the corrupt mayor … a federal anti-lynching law … opening up America to the refugees of Europe? We don’t need to … Continue reading

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Dodgers win 8-6, August 4, 1958

The Dodgers split a double-header with the Reds, winning 8-6 and losing 3-1 … the Braves win a double-header over the Giants … and gunmen rob a Malibu restaurant. Two gunmen break into the living quarters above the Malibu Sea … Continue reading

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July 10, 1958

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April 12, 1938

Above, Yiddish theater in Los Angeles! Below, the Harry Raymond bombing case is about to go to trial. Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty … The bishop of Los Angeles has a Holy Week message on the … Continue reading

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Mystery photo

Here’s an unusual mystery photo. We know the name of the man on the right. He’s James "Jim" Bassett (to his family, he was known as Mike). In 1972, about the time the photo was taken, he was living in … Continue reading

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March 12, 1958

Above, a cook goes on a bloody rampage–and no, we didn’t follow up on this story. According to California death records, mad cook Andrew Rewal lived to the age of 79, presumably without access to sharp objects  … Below, the … Continue reading

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Feb. 25, 1908

An "instantaneous heater" explodes while a man is taking a bath and the fire destroys much of the home at 1201 W. 7th. … A fire caused by crossed wires in the attic destroys a home at 2659 Ellendale Place … Continue reading

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Feb. 24, 1908

Above, the first paparazzi … With a headline in dialect, no less … Below, a nighttime intruder doesn’t suspect the woman of the home sleeps with a .32 under her pillow … 19 African Americans are arrested in a raid … Continue reading

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