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Death Reveals ‘Burglar’ Is Suspicious Husband in Disguise

            Jan. 18, 1911: Jealousy takes a tragic turn in Long Beach as a suspicious husband tries to catch his wife cheating on him with a house guest and is shot to death when the … Continue reading

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Finch Stole Two Cadillacs, Went to Las Vegas

  Betty Jean Behr shows a photo of victim Barbara Jean Finch. What to do with the radioactive waste piling up in Long Beach? Dump it in the ocean!   March 22, 1960: A judge rules that Long Beach has … Continue reading

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Nuestro Pueblo

Aug. 7, 1939: Only a few more Nuestro Pueblo installments are left. In September 1939, Joe Seewerker was hurt in a car accident and the columns stopped except for a final farewell in October. 

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Found on EBay — The Cyclone in Long Beach

Sept. 16, 1968, the end of the ride for the Cyclone. This postcard of the Cyclone roller coaster at the Nu-Pike in Long Beach has been listed on EBay. The world's longest, fastest roller-coaster was torn down in 1968 to … Continue reading

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A Brutal Sport Hounded to Extinction

Coursing as depicted in The Times on Dec. 12, 1897. "The rabbit dodged this way and that, squatted suddenly to the ground while the hound rushed past. Once, the dog's teeth sank in the hindquarters of the rabbit, jerked the … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — Long Beach Plunge

This postcard of the Plunge in Long Beach has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $2. At left, an orchestra provides music for Ladies' Day at the Plunge in Long Beach. Above, ladies, please cover up!

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Red Hot Chili Pepper!

Daily Mirror reader Todd Mecklem sends this Aug. 2, 1909, clipping from the Long Beach Press-Telegram. Unfortunately, The Times didn’t find this item newsworthy.

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April 22, 1938

Above, there are people in this world who insist that before the advent of top-40 radio in the 1950s, programming was a formless blob. Note, in fact, that programming was often tightly organized in 15-minute blocks. Below, Officer Donald M. … Continue reading

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Long Beach quake

March 11, 1933 Long Beach Email me

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Feb. 25, 1958

Above, a profile of William Alland, who played the reporter tracking down the life of "Citizen Kane" and in his final years worked for the Los Angeles Times poll. Below, A race car plows into a crowd of spectators at … Continue reading

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Feb. 21, 1908

Above, meet Charles West, who says: "I have never treated my wife very mean, although I slapped her a couple of times when I thought she needed it." Below, mayhem on 3rd Street when a piano mover ties a horse-pulled … Continue reading

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Girl in coma

  May 31, 1957 Long Beach Suzanne was supposed to have a simple bit of surgery. Didn’t everyone get their tonsils out? The 15-year-old went into St. Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach on May 31, 1956, but during the operation, … Continue reading

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The bad dream

April 23, 1957 Los Angeles "It’s like a bad dream," he said. "You keep thinking you’ll awaken and find it’s a bad dream." Edward Simon Wein, given five death sentences under California’s "Little Lindbergh Law" for a series of kidnappings … Continue reading

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I love to tell the story

  April 19, 1957 Los Angeles It seems incredible, but The Times never ran an obituary on Charles E. Fuller, who helped found Fuller Theological Seminary and was one of the pioneers of radio evangelism. Broadcasting live from the Long Beach … Continue reading

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