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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

This week’s mystery movie was the 1969 Columbia film “Model Shop,” with Anouk Aimee, Gary Lockwood, Alexandra Hay, Carol Cole, Tom Fielding, Severn Darden, Neil Elliot, Jacqueline Miller, Duke Hobbie, Anne Randall, Craig Littler, Hilarie Thompson, Jon Lawson, Jeanne Sorel … Continue reading

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March 16, 1969: The Rosey Grier Show

March 16, 1969: Rosey Grier, seen in the “Fearsome Foursome” making their debut on Shindig, is the star of a weekly TV show on Channel 7. Keith Thursby has the story.  This post originally appeared on in 2009 and … Continue reading

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Jan. 24, 1969: Ghosts of Wrigley Field

Keith Thursby says: John Hall wrote a couple of columns bidding farewell to Los Angeles’ Wrigley Field. “It was another time, another place. It was Wrigley Field, 1925-1969, may it rest in peace. The demolition crews are at work and … Continue reading

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Jan. 22, 1969: Lee Meyers Hoping for a Comeback With the Royals

Keith Thursby has the story of baseball player Lee Meyers, who was was making a comeback, hoping to get a job with the first-year Kansas City Royals. Meyers was married to Mamie Van Doren (1966-1969).. Note: This post originally appeared … Continue reading

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Jan. 13, 1969: Jets and Broadway Joe Namath Win Super Bowl

    Jan. 13, 1969: The first Super Bowl – and it doesn’t make Page 1 of the Los Angeles Times. Kicked back to sports. I would love to have been sitting in the news meeting that day… Jim Murray … Continue reading

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Jan. 9, 1969: ‘Hair’ Cast Kicked Out of Mexico

Jan. 9, 1969: A Martin Bernheimer byline on a story about the misfortunes of a Mexican production of “Hair.” “Upbraided?” Now there’s a clever headline. Keith Thursby writes: The ABA and LA should have been a good fit. The game … Continue reading

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Jan. 7, 1969: Stocks suffer worst day in 19 months; Rams rehire Allen

Jan. 7, 1969: A 15-point drop in the Dow is Page 1 news in 1969. I wonder what they would think of today’s economic meltdowns.. Also: Gordon Lightfoot makes his debut in Los Angeles and Keith Thursby on the Rams … Continue reading

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Jan. 2, 1969: College Student Home on Vacation Killed, Dumped Off Mulholland

This is another story that I don’t remember at all. The original post is here at The killing of Marina Elizabeth Habe remains unsolved (I see that I garbled her name in the original post). See also Keith Thursby’s … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – ‘Gwangi’

Photo: Gwangi! Gwangi! I’m a sucker for any movie that has cowboys, dinosaurs and Freda Jackson warning “Gwangi! Gwangi!” So imagine my surprise to discover what an EBay vendor says is Willis O’Brien’s large preproduction model for an unproduced film … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Herald Examiner

This 1969 news rack card from the  Los Angeles Herald Examiner (d. 1989) has been listed on EBay. These cards were placed on vending machines to improve street sales. This card is a bit of a surprise, because the Herald’s … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’

Sydney Pollack’s 1969 film “The Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” will be shown as a tribute to Michael Sarrazin on June 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. Also showing, “Harry in Your Pocket” (1973). … Continue reading

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