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Remembering A.C. Lyles

News sources are reporting the death of longtime Paramount producer A.C. Lyles, who died Friday at the age of 95. I interviewed him back in 1997 about old Los Angeles and recently digitized the tape, so I’ll be posting excerpts … Continue reading

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A Note to Commenters

It may be worthwhile to point out in these days of heightened focus on Internet privacy that there isn’t as much anonymity as one might think. This is particularly true for commenters on L.A. Daily Mirror posts or indeed for … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo – Newsboy Cap Edition XII (Updated + + +)

This week’s movie was going to be a Western especially for Don Danard, but the DVD got vapor lock. Perhaps it will return another week if it learns to behave itself. In the meantime we have a movie with, yes, … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights — ‘Spirit of ’76’ as Propaganda

A still from the lost film “Spirit of ‘76” from Moving Picture World.   The United States’ Espionage Act was ratified in 1917 to punish those abetting the enemy, promoting military insubordination, or interfering with recruitment. Over the years, it … Continue reading

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L.A. Becomes New York – Again

How much from downtown L.A. to JFK? Yes, they were filming around “New York Street” on Thursday and providing color with fake New York taxis.

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Scr*w You, Steve Needleman

If Steve Needleman, owner of the Orpheum Theatre, wanted  “a  two-story, 10,400-square-foot Cape Cod Revival house” he could have purchased an entire block of 1950s Valley tract homes and leveled them. No one would have cared. But tearing down Ira … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Anybody Get L.A. History Right?

The Times magazine magically transports San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel  to Los Angeles! Ignorance about Los Angeles history is, alas, all around us. But imagine my dismay to discover this gaffe by The Times magazine –a separate publication by the … Continue reading

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Married Couple Held in Blackmail of Single Woman for $27,000

Sept. 27, 1963: I always thought blackmail was something that only occurred in old Perry Mason episodes, but here’s an actual case and it’s quite strange. It involves a married man blackmailing a single woman. No really! According to a … Continue reading

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D.W. Griffith Before Hollywood

Note: Gary Martin, one of the Daily Mirror regulars, attended a special showing at the Neversink Valley Museum of History and Innovation of early D.W. Griffith films in 1909-10 shot at Cuddeback, N.Y., and files a guest post for all … Continue reading

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Conservatives Sexually Frustrated, UCLA Daily Bruin Says

Sept. 26, 1943: The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen ends its strike against the Pacific Electric, with workers returning to their jobs at 2 a.m. Their first task is to untangle a “freight jam which had threatened to undermine the entire … Continue reading

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Hollis Mulwray House – Update

Here’s an update on renovations at the Hollis Mulwray house from “Chinatown.” The last time I posted a photo it looked like this.

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Woman in Stolen Car Shoots Gun at LAPD Officers

Sept. 25, 1933: How did the Los Angeles Public Library fare in the Great Depression? Here are some answers. The library was forced to make painful cutbacks due to a 24% drop in tax revenue, including shorter hours, layoffs, reductions … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Los Angeles – Ferguson Alley

Nov. 11, 1935: For their second installment of “Rediscovering Los Angeles,” Times artist Charles Owens and Times columnist Timothy Turner visit Ferguson Alley, which as Turner notes was going to be demolished for Union Station. Turner writes: Ferguson Alley, which … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

And for Monday, we have a mystery gent.

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Barbara Graham Gets Death Sentence

Sept. 23, 1953: Barbara Graham, John A. Santo and Emmett Perkins are convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Mabel Monahan. The jury returned the verdict without a recommendation of life in prison. “Mrs. Graham didn’t bat an eye,” … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights — Carrie Jacobs-Bond, Hollywood Tunesmith

Long before Harold Arlen wrote “Lose That Long Face” for “A Star Is Born” starring Judy Garland, songwriter Carrie Jacobs-Bond practiced those words. Mostly forgotten today, Jacobs-Bond was one of the most successful composers of the 20th century. She endured … Continue reading

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Shriners Gather in L.A.

The 1907 Shriners convention in Los Angeles created a boom market in all sorts of memorabilia: plates, cups and other glassware, plus pins, postcards and lots of trinkets, which were sold and traded, all of which show up regularly on … Continue reading

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One Magazine From 1957 and 1958

What the vendor says are complete runs of the 1957 and 1958 issues of One magazine have been listed on EBay at $69.99 each. Individual issues often sell for $10-$20 or more, so this is actually a deal – if … Continue reading

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L.A. Streetcars — Another Look

March 4, 1907: Los Angeles’ sainted streetcar system has a bad day. Beacon and 6th streets, minus the streetcars, via Google Street View. One of the most deeply held and ardently expressed beliefs about Los Angeles’ past is the shadowy … Continue reading

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Navy Doctors Defuse ‘Human Bomb’

Sept. 19, 1943: In a story delayed for wartime, the Associated Press reports that Allen L. Gordon, 23, of Rock Island, Ill., fire control operator third class, was struck Dec. 2 with a 20-millimeter antiaircraft shell that lodged in his … Continue reading

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