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Jan. 16 in L.A. History

Jan. 16, 1910: The Times recaps Aviation Week.   A Week of Aviation Triumphs, Jan. 16, 1910 Library Officials May Remove Books on Making Alcohol, Jan. 16, 1920  TV Writers Go on Strike Over Residuals, Jan. 16, 1960 Matt Weinstock, … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Dick Grace, Hollywood’s Daredevil Sky Pilot

  Dick Grace in action. Hollywood and aviation took off at about the same points in history, helping to put each other on the map. Early American aviators inaugurated the fledgling field in the early 1900s, just as early filmmakers … Continue reading

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Allies 310 Miles From Berlin! Sept. 19, 1944

  Sept. 19, 1944   At a Town Hall luncheon at the Biltmore, RAF Wing Cmdr. Christopher Currant tells the audience that what we now know as the V-2 rocket is the greatest argument against isolationism. “It can be dropped … Continue reading

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Chaplin Indicted on Mann Act!

Feb. 11, 1944: A P-38 rushes from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and back in an hour to get penicillin for a Jimmy Doyle, 15 months old, who has peritonitis. “Precious little of the stuff is available and that is … Continue reading

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1947 World Inventors Exposition at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium

An EBay vendor has listed a program from the 1947 World Inventors Exposition. According to ads in The Times, this is where the Tucker automobile had its “premiere public showing.”   Bidding on the program starts at $19.95. I wrote a … Continue reading

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Sex Talk in Pasadena Canceled Due to Lack of Interest

Sept. 12, 1953: Angry San Fernando Valley residents picket Lockheed’s plant in Van Nuys after a jet trainer crashed, killing Phyllis O’Kray, 16504 Chase St., Sepulveda. Lockheed executive Courtland S. Gross expressed regret over O’Kray’s death and noted that the … Continue reading

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Streetcar Strike Could Paralyze Los Angeles!

July 24, 1943: Labor problems threaten to paralyze mass transportation in Los Angeles. The Times says that 3,000 Los Angeles Railway workers have ended a 24-hour walkout while 2,500 Pacific Electric workers are scheduled to strike. Marion “More Curves Than … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – 1910 Aviation Meet

This postcard of the 1910 Aviation Meet – showing a photograph by C.C. Pierce — has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $19.99. Notice that even though airplanes received most of the attention, gas balloons also took part in … Continue reading

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Now Hiring: Douglas Aircraft of Santa Monica

June 12, 1942: The Douglas plant in Santa Monica is hiring men – and women! Betty Rowland, the Ball of Fire, is at the Follies Theatre. Lionel Atwill refuses to testify before the Los Angeles County Grand Jury about charges … Continue reading

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32 Taverns and Bars Declared Off-Limits

June 7, 1942: The Navy declares 32 bars and taverns off limits in Los Angeles. Most of them are on Main Street and East 5th with a few in Hollywood. The posts on the Zoot Suit Riots have more information … Continue reading

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Doolittle Visits North American Plant, Praises Workers for Bombers Used in Tokyo Raid

June 2, 1942: In a visit to the North American aircraft plant, Brig. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle praises workers who built the bombers used in his raid on Tokyo. Otis W. Hall is accused of killing his estranged wife and sending … Continue reading

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FBI Rounds Up Japanese in Hunt for Subversives, Dec. 8, 1941

Dec. 8, 1941: The FBI begins rounding up 200 “alien Japanese suspected of subversive activities” Several truckloads of Japanese were seen passing through Brea toward Pomona, Brea police reported, and orders to stop all cars bearing Japanese and to confiscate … Continue reading

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L.A. Detectives Meet New York Mobster’s Plane at Burbank Airport

Nov. 8, 1941: Waxey Gordon, whose real name was Irving Wexler (d. 1952, Alcatraz), lands at Lockheed Air Terminal (now Burbank Airport), where he is greeted by detectives from the district attorney’s office, the LAPD and airport police. Gordon, accompanied … Continue reading

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Test Pilot Dies as P-38 Crashes Into Glendale House, Nov. 5, 1941

Witnesses said the twin-engined, double fuselaged ship was booming westerward at near-maximum speed (unofficially reported to be between 400 and 500 mph) when the duralumin tail assembly “simply floated away.” Continue reading

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Memorial Honors Victims of American Airlines Flight 191

Image: A video simulation of the crash of Flight 191. Credit: History Channel. Madhu Krishnamurthy writes in the Chicago Daily Herald that more than 1,000 people are expected to attend the unveiling on Saturday of a memorial in Des Plaines, … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – C.C. Pierce Photos of 1910 Aviation Meet

Four postcards of the January 1910 Aviation Meet in Los Angeles, taken by the C.C. Pierce studio, have been listed on EBay. The meet was held at Dominguez Field and is one of the major events in the history of … Continue reading

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#history, #museum 7|17|2011

Photo: Mail sent by airplane from the 1912 Aviation Meet at Dominguez Field.  Credit: New York Public Library   7|17|2011DEATHSArdis Butler James, 85, co-founder of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska. Margalit Fox in … Continue reading

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Commemorative Flight Canceled After Replica Plane Crashes

Glenn Curtiss lands after a flight in his seaplane in an undated photo. July 14, 1911: Crowds see Glenn Curtiss’ demonstration of his seaplane at Winona Lake, as shown in the Warsaw Indiana Daily Union. The artist seems to have … Continue reading

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Replica of 1911 Plane Crashes; Pilot OK

Pilot Kevin House is uninjured when a replica of Glenn Curtiss’ 1911 Navy seaplane crashed after takeoff in New York. WSJ

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