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Database of Slave Names Going Online

Image: “Christ Carrying the Cross Dragged by a Rogue.” The Virginia Historical Society is compiling a database of slaves and owners. The database, which will go online Wednesday, contains the names of 1,400 slaves and 180 owners, according to Eve … Continue reading

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June 21, 1938

  ne thing you have to say about Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw: He has a sense of humor. Upon returning from Washington, where he spent the final days of the Earle Kynette trial, Shaw was given a list of … Continue reading

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June 13, 1938

orrect me if I’m wrong, but this plane at left looks like a DC-4E. Either that or a very weird B-17 with six engines and the tail of a constellation.  Times staff writer James Bassett takes a look at the … Continue reading

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June 3, 1968

Just remember: The Times editorialized against suspending U.S. immigration quotas for European Jews and other refugees, March 30, 1938: "They would … reach havens as paupers either to be added to the relief rolls or compete for jobs with Americans … Continue reading

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April 29, 1938

  Above, as I have noted before, I rarely post old Times editorials because they are usually embarrassing (the U.S. doesn’t need a federal law against lynching, we shouldn’t offer a haven to European Jews because they’d just go on … Continue reading

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Hitler seizes Austria!

Above, an excerpt from the Saturday religion page featuring the Church of the Open Door and Sister Aimee at Angelus Temple … Below,  Hitler seizes Austria and the world holds its breath. Quote of the day: Developments in Austria "make … Continue reading

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Feb. 28, 1938

Paul Wright, found not guilty of killing his wife and best friend while they were doing something that couldn’t be printed in The Times, walks out of jail and hopes to be a forgotten man … World War I hero … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

Feb. 8, 1938Los Angeles Above, Lutheran minister Martin Niemoeller protests a secret trial by the Nazis on charges of treason. Niemoeller, who survived the war, was one of hundreds of dissident German ministers who were arrested by the Nazis in … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

  Feb. 6, 1938 Los Angeles It’s Sunday in Los Angeles, and the weekly real estate section features the floor plan of a modern home–cost $3,990 ($57,055.15 USD 2007) … Japan builds a navy … As Hitler consolidates his power, … Continue reading

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Harry Raymond bombing

Feb. 3, 1938Los Angeles  Paul Wright collapses on the witness stand … A car plays "Nearer, My God, to Thee" when it reaches 60 mph … A member of the LAPD Intelligence Unit surrenders in the investigation of the Harry … Continue reading

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Christmas past

Dec. 26, 1942Los Angeles   Photograph by the Los Angeles Times Servicemen celebrate Christmas at the USO canteen at 515 W. 6th St. And here’s the front page from that day:

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Matt Weinstock

Sept. 7, 1957 The week’s cordon bleu for eccentric behavior goes to a sharply dressed young man who came into a hill Street bat cave around midnight and ordered a beer. Before sipping any, he unlatched a luggage case, extracted … Continue reading

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