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July 20, 1947: Wealthy Woman Gives Estate – Including Homeless Camp -– to Santa Barbara

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project. This was a follow-up to a post by Kim Cooper. Lillian Child died in 1951 at the age of 75, four years after setting up provisions … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: A Concert Program Inscribed to ‘Betty Short’ … From 1959. Wut?

Here’s an opportunity to buy a program from a David Rubinoff performance that was inscribed to “Eva and Betty Short” … for $150 …

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Cecil B. DeMille – Big Man on Campus

  Cecil B. DeMille meets students who will attend DeMille Junior High School, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Sept. 9, 1956. Schools are often named after historic or famous figures that offer inspiration, hope, and good examples to students of that neighborhood … Continue reading

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Dalton Trumbo Praised by Hedda Hopper!

When I was doing the Daily Mirror at, I wrote several posts on Dalton Trumbo, the subject of the new movie starring Bryan Cranston as the blacklisted screenwriter. Here are some links: Hedda Hopper praises Dalton Trumbo for “Kitty … Continue reading

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Black Friday Special — An Aluminum Christmas Tree From 1959!

To all who long for a “kinder simpler time” and say that today’s retailers start their Christmas sales too early, here is the May Co. ad for aluminum Christmas trees, which was published Oct. 11, 1959, well before Halloween. (You … Continue reading

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Books, Reading and Lending Libraries

Note to millennials: This is an example of a book from a lending library. These were generally small  businesses that rented books for pennies a day and specialized in current literature and somewhat racy material that wasn’t available at the … Continue reading

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Harvey Glatman: The Early Years — Part 2

Aug. 26, 1946: Harvey Glatman is arraigned on robbery charges in Albany, N.Y. When he was still a teenager, Harvey Glatman was already displaying the behavior that led to the deaths of three Southern California women in the 1950s and … Continue reading

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Harvey Glatman: The Early Years — Part I

Aug. 27, 1946: Harvey Glatman in the Yonkers, N.Y., Herald Statesman. Whenever I am contacted by TV producers about appearing on a crime show, I always caution them that I’m a specialist not a generalist. I don’t do Sal Mineo, … Continue reading

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Dec. 7, 1959: Paul Coates Interviews Tokyo Rose

On Dec. 7, 1959, Paul Coates published an interview with Tokyo Rose. She says: “What’s the use? What good is it to talk to the press?  Everybody’s mind is made up about me.” A throwback from 2009, when my blog … Continue reading

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Live Blogging ‘-30-’ on TCM

Dewey Webb gets into the “-30-” spirit with a 1959 ad from Variety. Thanks, Dewey! (I swear, the guy in the travelogue called it Aloe Vera Street.) And that’s “-30-” Ready to go home, Lady? Gosh, genuine ugly 1950s layout. … Continue reading

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Coming Tonight: Live Blogging ‘-30-’

Photo: Jack Webb, William Conrad and James Bell in “-30-” TCM is airing Jack Webb’s “-30-” at 7 tonight Pacific time. I’m going to try live blogging just to see how it goes. Tune in for the fun and/or mayhem.

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How to Wear a Hat – Rod Steiger Edition

We have explored how newsboy caps were worn by several men in “Monkey Business” and by Lee Marvin in “King of the North,” by Henry Fonda in “The Grapes of Wrath” and by Marc Chevalier in real life. Here’s Rod … Continue reading

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Mack Ray Edwards’ Legacy of Grief

Note: The Times is reporting that Mack Ray Edwards is a suspect in the 1961 disappearance of 7-year-old Ramona Price outside Santa Barbara. Here’s a 1959 column that Paul Coates wrote about one of Edwards’ victims. Today marks an anniversary that … Continue reading

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