Errol Flynn Named in Paternity Suit

Oct. 18, 1943, Comics

Oct. 18, 1943: Los Angeles is in the middle of a paternity suit brought by Shirley Evans Hassau, 21, against Errol Flynn. Hassau charged that Flynn was the father of her daughter Marilyn, who was 3. Hassau was seeking $1,750 a month child support, $10,000 in attorneys fees,  $5,000 for hospital expenses and $2,000 in court costs.

An aunt, Florence Muller of San Francisco, had raised Marilyn since she was 5 weeks old and refused to let Hassau see her, The Times said.

Hassau’s suits against Flynn were dismissed in 1951. In 1940, two weeks after Marilyn was born, Flynn agreed to pay Hassau $2,000  although he denied being the father. The actor said he wanted to avoid a long court trial and adverse publicity.

Feb. 12, 1951, Flyn Paternity Suits
Oct. 18, 1943, Rosa la Rose

Oct. 18, 1943, June Havoc

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2 Responses to Errol Flynn Named in Paternity Suit

  1. Eve says:

    I asked my mother once if she’d ever had an affair with Errol Flynn, and she said, “probably–didn’t everyone?”


  2. JAMES says:

    So this Marilyn would be about 63 now. Does she look like Errol Flynn?


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