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Nuestro Pueblo

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Crowd Battles LAPD as War Protest Turns Violent

  June 23, 1967: Antiwar protesters march toward the Century Plaza Hotel COLUMN ONE The Bloody March That Shook L.A. * A 1967 clash between antiwar protesters and police injured dozens, irrevocably changing the city and its politics. The panicked … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Man Killed for Speaking Spanish

May 31, 1986

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Berkeley Protest March; Mickey Mantle — Sportscaster

"We Are Interrupting This Program for a Special Announcement!" Above, police and National Guard troops keep watch on a march on People's Park in Berkeley. View this page Times reporter Charles T. Powers files a sidebar on fears that the … Continue reading

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Youth Drowns in Muddy Pond

View Larger Map Avenue 50 and Monte Vista, via Google maps.

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Society Woman Saves Black Man From Lynch Mob

May 31, 1909: Margaret Sylvester, an Augusta socialite, saves African American Joe Bryant from a mob. She had him come into her house and said she would shoot anyone who followed him.

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Found on EBay — Yorty for President!

Two Yorty for President campaign buttons have been listed on EBay. According to a March 16, 1971, story, attorney John Sheffield passed out the buttons as part of a draft-Yorty campaign. Yorty was endorsed by William Loeb, the controversial, conservative … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock, May 30, 1959

Day at the Races After a long hiatus, Snake, this corner's caddy correspondent, has reported in again, this time with a racetrack adventure. He and some other Bel-Air caddies who'd made a few good loops (carrying golf bags around the … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates — Confidential File, May 30, 1959

Isn't it amazing how much Pogo looks like Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes?"   Confidential File Mash Notes and Comments (Press Release) "Washington, D.C. — According to Congressman Craig Hosmer, sponsor of the Interior Department's 10-year, $10 million research program … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Health

  May 30, 1984

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LAPD Official Dies, 3 Officers Hurt in Copter Crash During SWAT Exercise

Police Cmdr. Paul J. Gillen, 1925 – 1974 May 30, 1974: The Times reports the LAPD helicopter hit a ridge in Kagel Canyon. June 2, 1974: Nearly 1,000 attend Gillen's funeral. Injured Officers Richard Kelbaugh and David T. McGill thank … Continue reading

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Pilot Disappears on Solo Flight Across Atlantic

On June 9, 1939, in a heavy predawn mist, a Welsh trawler came across the wreckage of an airplane in the ocean 130 miles from Milford Haven, Wales. The ship recovered some of the debris, then the tides shifted and … Continue reading

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Sheriff Promises to Find Girl’s Killer

May 30, 1909

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Found on EBay — Winnie Ruth Judd!

Five copies of the Los Angeles Examiner on "trunk murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd have been listed on EBay. The items are listed as Buy It Now for $47.99.

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Matt Weinstock — May 29, 1959

"A Speed Never Before Reached by Man!" Only in California There are in our city a large number of newcomers who constitute what Doris Steele, TV producer recently transplanted from New York, calls the We Love California But club. They're … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates — Confidential File, May 29, 1959

Confidential File Bounty on Adjectives Viewed With Alarm It is my studied opinion that Fidel Castro has flipped. Not irreparably, I hope. A few weeks of intensive psychotherapy, or perhaps just a good fatherly talking to by a more mature … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: War in the Falklands

May 29, 1982

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Movie Star Mystery Photo

      Los Angeles Times file photo Update: Paul Lukas in a 1927 photo. Update: As many people guessed, this is Paul Lukas. Above, Lukas' obituary, Aug. 17, 1971. Just a reminder on how this works: I post the … Continue reading

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Love Triangle Killings at Burbank Trailer Park

"Everything's Okay, Honey, Go Back to Sleep, Huh?"  

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The Old Hollywood Game

May 29, 1939: Getting ready for Joan Crawford's bathtub scene.

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