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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

Here’s another mystery photo courtesy of Steven Bibb! Interesting pose. Look how she’s got her feet. [Update: This is Rosita Diaz, who was reportedly executed by firing squad “for using her Latin charms as a spy.”]

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Smithsonian Plans Exhibit on Paradox of Jefferson and Slavery

Photo: “New Native Photography”; “Shiprock Fair, 2009.” Credit: Jinniibaah Manuelito Jacqueline Trescott of the Washington Post writes that the Smithsonian Institution and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello are collaborating on a new exhibit about Jefferson and slavery. “Jefferson and … Continue reading

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James Curtis: L.A. Voices – Dick Lane, Part 7

Photo: Spade Cooley, named the honorary mayor of Encino, gives dictation to secretary Gloria Murphy, who is riding his stallion, Golden Nugget, 1954. This is Part 7 of James Curtis’ 1975 interview with Dick Lane. In this segment, Lane discusses … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Hartsook Portrait

This Hartsook photo of Anita King as a gypsy girl, possibly from the 1915 film “Carmen” starring Geraldine Farrar and Wallace Reid, has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $24.97.

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

[Update: This is Carrie Finnell. Please congratulate Dewey Webb for identifying her. Finnell (d. 1963) was a famous stripteuse of the 1920s and ‘30s who invented the art of tassel twirling with her “educated muscles,” shown here in repose. ] … Continue reading

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Tenor Salvatore Licitra in Coma, Fights Lung Inflammation

Tenor Salvatore Licitra remains in a coma after an accident Saturday night in which he crashed his Vespa, sustaining injuries to his head and chest.  According to Italian news reports, doctors at Garibaldi Hospital say Licitra is on a ventilator … Continue reading

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Rosa Parks Archives Off-Limits to Scholars

Photo: The Rosa Parks archive. Credit: Guernsey’s Auctioneers.   Julian Bond and Jeanne Theoharis have a piece in the Washington Post’s opinion pages tracing the troubled history of Rosa Parks’ archives. Parks’ papers and other items have been caught in … Continue reading

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‘Zoot Suit’ and History – Part 7

Photo: June 8, 1943 — A mob of servicemen stop a streetcar on Main Street to remove a passenger wearing a zoot suit. Here’s a second radio address by Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron, delivered June 16, 1943, on the … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Witzel Photo of Dorothy Dalton

This Witzel portrait of actress Dorothy Dalton has been listed on EBay. That’s some fur coat she is wearing! The photo is listed as Buy It Now for $14.99.

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

[Update: No one identified mystery woman Ruth Clifford (d. 1998) in “Hollywood Boulevard” which featured former mystery folks Esther Ralston, Jack Mulhall, Betty Compson and Creighton Hale!]. Here’s today’s mystery woman, courtesy of Steven Bibb!

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Tenor Salvatore Licitra ‘Struggling Valiantly’ After Crash

  Italian tenor Salvatore Licitra is in serious but stable condition, according to Sergio Pintaudi of Garibaldi Hospital in Catania, where the singer is being treated for head and chest injuries after crashing on his Vespa Saturday night. Pintaudi said … Continue reading

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Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

Photo: 2001 Chevy Suburban hearse for sale on EBay. Bidding starts at $7,000. Queen of the Dead – dateline August 29, 2011 • When songwriting great Jerry Leiber (“Hound Dog,” “Ready to Begin Again,” “Yakety Yak,” “Stand By Me,” “On … Continue reading

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Tenor Salvatore Licitra in Critical Condition After Crash [Updated]

Tenor Salvatore Licitra is hospitalized in critical condition with head and chest injuries at an Italian hospital after a Vespa accident on Saturday night near Modica, in the province of Ragusa, while he was en route to receive the Premio … Continue reading

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New Light on the Death of Joe Hill

Nov. 20, 1915: The Times publishes the account of the execution of Joe Hill (Joe Hillstrom)  by firing squad.   The New York Times has two terrific stories that are well worth your time. The first is Rachel Donadio’s feature … Continue reading

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Tenor Salvatore Licitra Injured in Vespa Accident [Updated]

Websites are reporting that tenor Salvatore Licitra, who first gained fame as a last-minute cover for Luciano Pavarotti at the Met, was badly injured in a Vespa accident. [Update: According to Google translations of Italian websites, Licitra was on his … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Crimean Cannonballs

I was so intrigued by Roger Fenton’s 1855 photo from the Crimean War that I thought I’d do a little experimentation. Image: With cannonballs. Credit: Gernsheim Collection, Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin. Image: Without cannonballs. Credit: … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated++]

Here’s another mystery photo, courtesy of Steven Bibb! [Update: Nobody has even attempted to identify our mystery lady. I guess I’ll leave her as an unknown for now. ] [Update 2: I stand corrected, thanks Dewey! There were two guesses. … Continue reading

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An Inquiry Into Photographic Truth

Image: The Las Vegas Mob Experience. Nancy Trejos of the Washington Post visits the Las Vegas Mob Experience, an interactive museum/theme park,  (tickets $30) at the Tropicana. As I bought my ticket, the young lady behind the counter said, in … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Great White Fleet Visits L.A., 1908

A photographic postcard of the Great White Fleet’s visit to Los Angeles in 1908 has been listed on EBay. Notice that it has been pulled from a scrapbook.  Bidding starts at $3.69.

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Marion Eisenmann: Artist’s Notebook – L.A. Marathon

“L.A. Marathon,” by Marion Eisenmann Note: I’m reposting the artwork that Marion Eisenmann did for the Daily Mirror when it was with This entry is from last year’s L.A. Marathon. Marion will be giving monthly classes in plein air … Continue reading

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