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Books From the Slush Pile: ‘River of Angels,’ by Alejandro Morales

The reject pile! Aspiring authors, avert thine eyes! In case you just tuned in, this is one of the books I retrieved from the piles of review copies put out for the staff. I’m not familiar with Alejandro Morales, a … Continue reading

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L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Shopping Guide

For someone interested in the earlier history of Los Angeles, that is, outside the traditional Raymond Chandler/noir era that draws the most interest, you might consider Paul Bryan Gray’s “A Clamor for Equality,” another example, like Christina Rice’s “Ann Dvorak” … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Editor Was Ahead of His Time

My latest column is about Paul Bryan Gray and his new book “A Clamor for Equality,” the biography of Francisco P. Ramirez, the youthful editor of El Clamor Público, the first entirely Spanish-language newspaper published in Los Angeles. The entire … Continue reading

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