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Woman kills husband as children sleep, Giants win over Dodgers, August 31, 1958

Lillian loved Ed. She loved him even though he beat her. She loved him even though he was on probation for beating her. And she loved him even when he lay dying on the kitchen floor after she stabbed him … Continue reading

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Los Angeles history–Nuestro Pueblo

Below, Western and Los Feliz, as seen in Google maps’ street view.

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Dodgers coach to manage Padres, August 30, 1968

By Keith ThursbyTimes staff writer The Angels weren’t the first team to fill their coaching staffs with former Dodgers. Preston Gomez was named the first manager of the San Diego Padres, who would begin play the following spring. Buzzie Bavasi … Continue reading

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Dodgers Labor Day weekend TV schedule, August 30, 1958

Los Angeles Times file photo(s) Check it out! Jerry Doggett and Vin Scully are glued together! GLUED!! Published in The Times on Sept. 2, 1958. Glue and all. Oh you photogs (or more likely the guys in the art department, … Continue reading

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Movie star mystery photos

  Photograph by the Los Angeles Times Update: The woman below is indeed Veda Ann Borg. The above photo was put in her folder by mistake and I didn’t notice when I was scanning the pictures! She’s not Veda Ann … Continue reading

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TV game show is faked, player says, LA bids for Olympics, August 29, 1958

  Above, the incident that inspired the 1994 movie "Quiz Show," directed by Robert Redford.  Read Charles Van Doren’s first-person piece about the scandal, "All the Answers," in the New Yorker.     New York Dist. Atty. Frank S. Hogan … Continue reading

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US relaxes immigration law for Jewish refugees, Greenberg leads Babe Ruth, August 29, 1938

I’ve never made a scientific survey, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Eugene Biscailuz were the most photographed sheriff in the history of Los Angeles County. The man certainly knew how to get his picture in the paper. The trophy … Continue reading

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Intruder kills former actress, August 28, 1958

She is one of those cold cases that leave all kinds of unanswered questions even when the killer is finally caught, convicted and sent to prison. Nothing about it passes the sniff test. We know her name was Helene Funk … Continue reading

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Voices–Brian Stromsoe

Brian Stromsoe writes: I think the Mirror was 5 cents back then. I delivered the Huntington Park Signal, which produced $20 per month for my comic book purchases, and a stop off at Rancher Bill’s for a burger, fries, and … Continue reading

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Woman kills husband over singing, Reds win against Dodgers, August 27, 1958

Was Benajmin John Beynon an abusive husband … or just a bad singer? Ben, 46, and his wife of six years, Anne, lived at 1946 1/2 New England Ave., between Hoover and Vermont just south of Washington. For the last … Continue reading

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Glenn Davis makes debut with the Rams, August 26, 1948

By Keith Thursby Times staff writer Glenn Davis was such a star, his debut with the Rams was headline news. Even if the game wasn’t a real game. Davis, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1946 as part of powerhouse … Continue reading

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LAPD officer accused in bizarre plot to kill neighbors, August 26, 1938

I had to look twice at this one: A suspended police officer hires a couple of men to tunnel to his neighbors’ house? Really? I mean are you serious? An officer is suspended from the force after being charged with … Continue reading

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Los Angeles history–Ford Amphitheatre

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Jealous husband rams movie star’s car, Reds win over Dodgers, August 25, 1958

Some folks may find this hard to believe, but drivers were complaining about bad traffic in Los Angeles 50 years ago. I can’t say it often enough: History shows that congested streets have been a problem in Los Angeles for … Continue reading

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Los Angeles history–Chavez Ravine

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Los Angeles Coliseum is dangerous, Rams coach says, August 24, 1958

By Keith ThursbyTimes staff writer The Rams blamed baseball for an injury to one of their players. Ron Waller separated his shoulder when he was tackled on the baseball infield during the second half kickoff of the Rams’ 38-10 exhibition … Continue reading

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LAPD officers accused of beating, August 24, 1938

Above, another editorial in The Times’ well-worn tradition of asking: "What’s all the fuss I hear about … recalling the corrupt mayor … a federal anti-lynching law … opening up America to the refugees of Europe? We don’t need to … Continue reading

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Ladies in Black visit tomb of Valentino

  Los Angeles Times file photo Here’s the earliest photograph I could find of a Lady in Black mourning Rudolph Valentino, Aug. 23, 1937, 11 years after the movie star’s death. In the first few years, memorial services were held … Continue reading

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Valentino near death, August 23, 1926

Ladies in Black, you know what to do….

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Couple found dead in pool, August 23, 1958

August 23, 1958We’re parked outside the home at 322 Arbolada Drive, Arcadia. It’s early morning and everything is quiet. Nice place, isn’t it? Built in 1951. You’d never guess, but one spring day a few years ago, a college girl … Continue reading

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