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Who Was California’s First Woman Judge? A Puzzlement

April 17, 1913: Clara Jess, described as the first woman in California to be appointed as a judge, resigns after a year. She was the recorder of Daly City and functioned like a justice of the peace, according to an … Continue reading

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Bill Would Bar Japanese From Owning Land

April 10, 1913: The Times seems to be featuring a woman artist, but it’s difficult to make out her elaborate signature. Is it N. Tanaga? V. Tanaga? V. Kanaga? Aha! she was Neva Kanaga. Further research indicates she was Neva … Continue reading

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U.S. Prepares to Round Up Japanese in Event of War, Nov. 13, 1941

Nov. 13, 1941: An FBI investigation into the Los Angeles Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Central Japanese Assn. reveals monthly donations of $4,000 to $5,000 to the Japanese government “for the army and navy,” The Times says. Atty. Gen. … Continue reading

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A Revolution in Research

Image: Rohwer Camp #23. Credit: Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

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Zoot Suit Files: Intelligence Report on Subversives

Sept. 24, 1942: Intelligence officer B.L. Canaga compiles a report on subversives that might be active in the 11th Naval District. His list includes communists, Japanese, Falangists, Sinarchists, Italians, Germans and acts of sabotage: “Many prominent and wealthy motion picture … Continue reading

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June 11, 1908

ook, if you dare, into the mysterious disappearance of a fisherman on Santa Catalina Island named Tony the Greek, obscured not only by the details, but further muddied by the convoluted account in The Times. Toss in a private detective … Continue reading

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The comics

A panel from "Buster Brown," May 24, 1908.

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No story here. I just like the ad. This is now the site of the Jackie Robinson VFW.

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