China Bans Traditional Clothing for Western Fashions

Jan. 3, 1913, Chinese Dress Code

Jan. 3, 1913: The Chinese government issues an edict against traditional clothing in favor of Western fashions.

Women were called upon “to abandon their trousers for the occidental skirt and men to give up their comfortable loose clothes for the [illegible] business and conventional evening clothes of the Caucasian.”

Also note: “Chinese girls at American colleges have been noted for their correct appearance in American clothes, but occasionally were seen in their native garments.”

In Boise, Publisher R.S. Sheridan and Managing Editor C.O. Boxon of the Capital News and A.R. Cruzen, an investor in the paper, are convicted of contempt of the Idaho Supreme Court for criticizing its decision to bar Progressive Party representatives from the state ballot. The newspapermen’s attorney denied that publishing a message from Col. Theodore Roosevelt criticizing the Idaho Supreme Court was contempt, “claiming the right under the Constitution to criticize the court.”

The Los Angeles Board of Education is debating whether movies are a necessary part of learning as it studies a $650 bid to put a projector at Los Angeles High School, having already approved a concrete bunker to house the equipment. (Because nitrate film is explosive, projectors had to be enclosed in a fireproof room.)

Most of the the board was against buying the equipment, The Times said. “The argument developed that the equipment is mainly intended to be an accommodation to the social center that has been established on the hill and a majority of the board expressed themselves opposed to the proposition.”

The board was also concerned that installing a projector at Los Angeles High would necessitate movie equipment at all high schools.

What are the 12 kinds of women seen on streetcars? Helen Vail Wallace takes a look.

Jan. 3, 1913, Chinese Dress Code

Jan. 3, 1913, Women on Streetcars

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