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Black L.A. 1947: Drag Ball Planned for the Avodon Ballroom in DTLA

The site of the Avodon Ballroom at 843 S. Spring St., via Google Street View.  Aug. 14, 1947: A drag ball is planned for the Avodon Ballroom, 843 S. Spring St. Although the Sentinel didn’t follow up on the event, … Continue reading

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Black L.A. 1947: America’s First Black Ballet Company Founded in L.A.

May 22, 1947: I cannot do justice to Joseph Rickard in a brief blog post. It’s enough to say that he was a visionary who began what is probably America’s first black ballet troupe, predating the Dance Theatre of Harlem … Continue reading

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Eve Golden’s YouTube Theater: Castles on the Air

  Eve Golden’s biography of Vernon and Irene Castle. I am operating on the assumption that none of you have read my 2007 biography of Vernon and Irene Castle—that book laid an ostrich-sized egg. Three dogs and a cat bought … Continue reading

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Eve Golden’s YouTube Theater: Annie-Pie

A publicity photo of Ann Miller, listed on EBay for $28.88. My friend Donna hates Ann Miller—hates her—so I apologize to Donna in advance for this piece. But I love Annie. She was bright and glittery and silly and unlike … Continue reading

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At the Follies Burlesque: Blaza Glory and Myrna Dean

An EBay vendor has listed two undated articles on performers at the Follies Burlesque, 337 S. Main St. Blaza Glory (a name I hadn’t encountered before) seems to have been performing in the early 1950s. Myrna Dean (identified as Deane … Continue reading

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1944 in Print — Life Magazine, March 20, 1944

March 20, 1944: The cover story features ballerina Nana Gollner, better known as Golovina. The featured photographer is Carl Mydans, who was held prisoner by the Japanese for 16 months. His essay is on the Tule Lake “Segregation Center,” which … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights — Fanchon and Marco Face the Music and Dance

Marco, left, and Fanchon, courtesy of Mary Mallory. Movie-going experiences today offer little bang for the buck, offering mostly commercials, advertisements and loud trailers before the films. In the 1920s and 1930s however, moviegoers enjoyed a smorgasbord of entertainment before … Continue reading

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Tempest Storm at the Follies Burlesque

An undated photo of the famous Tempest Storm at the Follies Burlesque in Los Angeles – which reveals more than I am showing here – has been listed on EBay. Bidding starts at $17.95.

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Eve Golden / Queen of the Dead – James Reese Europe

A piece of sheet music featuring James Reese “Jim” Europe has been listed on EBay with bids starting at $3,999.99. James Reese Europe   I think my favorite period is 1900-15. Not that I’d want to live back then, I’m … Continue reading

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Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

A postcard of a horse-drawn hearse listed on EBay with bidding starting at $2.50. Queen of the Dead – dateline April 9, 2012 •  The Telegraph hits another one out of the ballpark with their tribute to Peregrine John Wishart … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – Witzel Photo

This photo of two dancers from Witzel studios has been listed on EBay. Unfortunately, there’s no information on the women’s identities. Bidding on this photo starts at $4.99.

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Wingy Manone Puts the Swing in Swing Shift — Nov. 3, 1941

Nov. 3, 1941: Tom Treanor goes to a dance at the Glendale Civic Auditorium for swing shift workers, about 5,000 of them, from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Most of the couples are married, he says, … Continue reading

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Found on EBay – The Follies Burlesque

This photo of dancers at the Follies Burlesque on Main Street has been listed on EBay. The vendor hasn’t identified the source of the picture or the dancers’ names, but says it dates to the 1950s.  Bidding on the photo … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  Jan. 30, 1937: Leroy Broomfield and Aurora Greeley perform at the Ubangi Club. [Update: This is Aurora Greeley, and if you have never heard of her, you have lots of company.] Here’s a Witzel photo that truly is a … Continue reading

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