Escaped Soldier Denies Attacking Former Screen Star


Sept. 11, 1943: The Times features the Los Angeles Times-Army Ordnance in Action Show being held at Exposition Park.

The Times promised that

“visitors will see the massive 32-ton Gen. Sherman tanks whose tough armor and deadly firepower blasted the vaunted divisions of Marshal Rommel from the sands of Africa.

They will see tanks in action, their cannon and machine guns firing, in a grimly realistic simulation of an actual battle.They will see the dreaded Long Tom, 155-millimeter mobile rifle, whose long, probing muzzles sought out enemy targets with devastating accuracy.”

What visitors will not do is take pictures — cameras will be will be confiscated, The Times warns.

Expatriate novelist Lion Feuchtwanger is fighting eviction by his landlords from a home at 13827 Sunset Blvd.

Times columnist Tom Treanor, who will be killed covering the liberation of France, writes about his experiences at an unidentified Mediterranean port.

One of the sights is prisoners of war who amble along the beach in herds, picking up litter — guarded by one man who often isn’t armed.

The 13800 block of Sunset Blvd. via Google Street View.

Sept. 11, 1943, Lion Feuchtwanger

Pvt. George P. Rimke, who was convicted of “attacking” screen dancer and actress Lina Basquette (d. 1994), escapes from March Field, but surrenders to attorney S.S. Hahn.   At his court-martial, Rimke admitted “intimacies with Miss Basquette”  but denied “that he forced his attentions upon her,” The Times said.

Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra are at the Orpheum.

Helene Francis — “the Hip Wavin’ Heat Wave” is at the Follies.

Sept. 11, 1943, Army Show

Sept. 11, 1943, Follies

Sept. 11, 1943, Lina Basquette
Sept. 11, 1943, Lina Basquette
Setp. 11, 1943, Jimmy Dorsey

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  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Because of the fight over the eviction, Feuchtwanger ends up buying Villa Aurora.


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