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Paul Coates, Jan. 6, 1961

        Jan. 6, 1961: Paul Coates dips into the mailbag and has an item on a jazz band and choir that perform “ ‘Peter Gunn’-type music” at church services.

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Oh, Tin-enbaum!

           Nov. 24, 1960: Yes, the aluminum Christmas tree is back again, in all its shimmering majesty, at Sears! The 7-foot tree with 153 branches cost $178.73 in 2009 dollars. ALSO Aluminum Christmas trees on the … Continue reading

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Buddy Collette — ‘Shotgun Freeway’

Amid the tributes to Buddy Collette, Daily Mirror readers should remember that he appears in “Shotgun Freeway,” one of the great documentaries about Los Angeles. The trailer is here.

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The Incomparable Stan Freberg, II

  Aug. 9-10, 1960: Here are Parts 2 and 3 of Ursula Baumann’s profile of Stan Freberg. "Mad Men" please take note: “I'm a bitter pill to Madison Avenue because I represent originality and freshness of approach — the kind … Continue reading

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Riot Closes Newport Jazz Festival

July 4, 1960: Newport, R.I. — “Mobs of students, many of whom had driven long distances to hear their favorite musicians, were broken up with tear gas bombs, streams of water from high-pressure fire hoses and flying wedges of police … Continue reading

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Hearing on the Gas House, Part 4

Sept. 8, 1959: This is the fourth part of a transcript of testimony by “Holy Barbarians” author Lawrence Lipton before the the Los Angeles Police Commission on the Gas House, the Beat hangout in Venice.  Part 1 is here. Part … Continue reading

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Westbrook Pegler, March 11, 1926

Before he emerged as a columnist on the national scene, Westbrook Pegler was a sportswriter. Here’s one of his columns about spring training by the Brooklyn Dodgers. And, frankly, he reads like a pretty fair writer.

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Matt Weinstock, March 1, 1960

Way Out Walkout     A great many people walked out on Miles Davis and John Coltrane, two great men of music they had primarily come to see and hear, at last Saturday's jazz concert at Shrine Auditorium, thereby provoking a … Continue reading

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Jarvis Urges Recall of Gov. Brown

  Vice President Richard Nixon greets admirers in South Bend, Ind., while visiting Notre Dame to receive its Patriotism Award. Caryl Chessman and the Finch trial. A good day for news. And the historic Southern Pacific depot on Alameda burns … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock, Jan. 25, 1960

Endless Liquor Flow     Many years ago the mails were cluttered with a  nuisance chain letter called the Good Luck of London.  It was an anonymous, loosely written but harmless bit of nonsense vaguely promising riches to recipients who quickly … Continue reading

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Pasadena Jazz Hall a Nuisance, Neighbors Say

“Wonder What a 20 Months Old Baby Baby Thinks About?” by Clare Briggs. 333 Summit Ave., Pasadena, via Google maps' street view. Jan. 3, 1920: Capt. Jack, 85, walks on water and says anybody can do it if they practice … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Movie Columnist

  Dec. 30, 1941: “Jackie Cooper is studying the finer points of drumming with Buddy Rich of Tommy Dorsey's band these days and doing so well that he sits in with the band at the Mocambo now and then just … Continue reading

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Brubeck Quartet at Reseda High School

Dave Brubeck at Reseda High School: $2. Oct. 24, 1959: Don’t worry. That train crash is actually in Canada … The New York district attorney is considering perjury charges against Charles Van Doren and Hank Bloomgarden, who voluntarily made substantial … Continue reading

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Ike, Khrushchev Deadlock on Berlin; Cubs Beat Dodgers

Sept. 27, 1959: Not so fast. The Cubs routed the Dodgers, 12-2, and the Braves edged the Phillies, 3-2, creating another tie atop the National League standings. The Dodgers could have clinched at least a tie for the N.L. title … Continue reading

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Jazz Musician Syncopates Jail

  Sept. 7, 1919: C.H. Baker has three shoe stores on Broadway and one on Spring Street. African American jazz musician William H.F. Wilkins is put in jail for not being able to "give a satisfactory account of himself." What's … Continue reading

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‘Holy Barbarians’ Revisited

Coastlines magazine, Spring-Summer 1958, with a cover story on LSD. Note: In late June and early July, I wrote about Lawrence Lipton's 1959 book on the beatniks of Venice West, "Holy Barbarians." I was particularly interested in the account of … Continue reading

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Ike Rides Wave of Popularity; Dodgers Call Up Reinforcements

Sept. 2, 1959: A story about President Eisenhower's European trip marking the 20th anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland notes that he remains popular. But look at what's happening in the country as Ike prepares to leave office: The prime … Continue reading

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Judge Bars Bus Strike; Giants Beat Dodgers

Aug. 29, 1959: A judge's temporary restraining order prevents a bus and streetcar strike. Someone has a Cold War souvenir in the shed. Let's fire it up and see what happens. The threat of communist aggression casts a shadow over … Continue reading

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Les Paul, 1915 – 2009

Solid-Body Legend Plagued by arthritis, Les Paul acknowledges that his playing days are probably numbered, but new releases will preserve his work  November 24, 1991 By MICHAEL WALKER, Michael Walker is a free-lance writer based in New York. NEW YORK … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Music

June 27, 1979: The Zenith, with stereo tuner, plays records, cassettes and eight-track tapes. The price is $469.95, including speakers. That's $1,376.31 USD 2008. And you can probably pick up one in a thrift store for $10.

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