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Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

This week’s mystery movie was the 1933 (copyright 1934) Universal picture “Counsellor at Law,” with John Barrymore, Bebe Daniels, Doris Kenyon, Isabel Jewell, Melvyn Douglas, Onslow Stevens, Thelma Todd, Clara Langsner, J. Hammond Dailey, Mayo Methot, Bobby Gordon, Malka Kornstein, … Continue reading

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Feb. 2, 1933: James M. Cain Writes Appreciation of Ice Cream Truck Driver Robert D. ‘Red’ Shay

  Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project. “Red” Shay, 26, was riding with his girlfriend, Nancy Reed, in the rumble seat a car driven by his roommate, L.W. Sinclair, when it struck … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘The Road Is Open Again’ Promotes Optimism

  “The Road Is Open Again,” via YouTube.   In times of adversity and challenge, catchy songs or phrases have captured Americans’ imaginations, rallying spirits and action. Though written in 1929, the tune, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” was first … Continue reading

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Fact-Checking ‘City of Nets’ — Uh-Oh

Back in the 1990s, when I began scrounging and scouring for everything I could find on Los Angeles in the 1940s in my research on the Black Dahlia case, I got a copy of Otto Friedrich’s 1986 book “City of … Continue reading

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Pages of History — Morrow Mayo and ‘Los Angeles’

This is something of a find. “Los Angeles” is one of the most influential — though certainly not one of the most accurate — books ever written about local history and although it’s well known, the author, George “Morrow” Mayo … Continue reading

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Farewell to Old Los Angeles

The old Plaza area as drawn by Times artist Charles Owens. Along with the demolition to make way for Union Station, historic buildings between the Plaza and Union Station were torn down in February 1951. Oct. 22, 1933: I came … Continue reading

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The Times marks the end of Prohibition with a front page cartoon by Edmund Waller “Ted” Gale, who  quit in 1934 and went to the Examiner in a dispute over The Times’ editorial policies. Dec. 5, 1933: With the passage … Continue reading

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‘Love Child’ Abandoned in Movie Theater as Parents Die in Suicide Pact

Nov. 8, 1933: Los Angeles history is so rich that all you need to strike gold is to poke a stick in the ground, and today is a perfect example. We have the story of Jack Bodin Sr., 41, who … Continue reading

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Woman in Stolen Car Shoots Gun at LAPD Officers

Sept. 25, 1933: How did the Los Angeles Public Library fare in the Great Depression? Here are some answers. The library was forced to make painful cutbacks due to a 24% drop in tax revenue, including shorter hours, layoffs, reductions … Continue reading

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Bandit Killed, LAPD Officers Wounded in Burlesque Theater Shootout

Sept. 18, 1933: Jack Keating, 30, and John Melvin Early, 35, had a plan to rob the Girlesque Theater at 510 S. Main St., but when the shooting was over, Keating was dead and Early and two men who helped … Continue reading

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Man Kills Wife and Daughter, Commits Suicide Over Pink Bedroom

Sept. 4, 1933: A streetcar broadsides an auto at the crossing on Olympic Boulevard between Broadway and Figueroa, killing two people and leaving two others near death, The Times said. A man fatally stabs his estranged wife and daughter, then … Continue reading

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N.R.A. Frees Workers to Visit the Library

August 1933: In my journey through years ending in “3,” I have neglected 1933, when the National Recovery Act took effect  Aug. 1. President Roosevelt’s plan was to put people back to work by raising the minimum wage to $12 … Continue reading

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On Location: The May Co.

A little of Loretta Young (featured this month on TCM) goes a long way at the Daily Mirror HQ, but I noticed these shots of a department store in “Employees’ Entrance” and they reminded me of the sequence in “Public … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Pickford Headlines 1933 Rose Parade

Photo: Mary Pickford in the 1933 Rose Parade. Credit: Courtesy of Mary Mallory Tomorrow sees the 124th annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena,  welcoming the new year with magnificent garlands of fresh flowers. It also acts as the 80th … Continue reading

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Bonnie and Clyde Submachine Gun for Sale

Photo: Thompson submachine gun, serial No. 4208, with detachable stock and ammunition drum. Credit: Mayo Auction and Realty. This .45-caliber Thompson submachine gun 1921A, reputedly seized after a 1933 shootout with Bonnie and Clyde, is being auctioned, along with the … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Hat – Newsboy Cap Edition

Photo: Jack Huston in “Boardwalk Empire.” Credit: Macall Polay HBO via the Los Angeles Times. I was watching “Emperor of the North” and thought a post on newsboy caps might be a good follow-up on How to Wear a Hat … Continue reading

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A Kinder Simpler Time Dept.: Bank Holiday and Long Beach Quake, 1933

In researching the premiere of “Nagana” and brief career of Tala Birell, I stumbled across a series of stories from 1933 that was worth a closer look. Are things tough today? To be sure. But here’s what our grandparents (or … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

Here’s another mystery photo, courtesy of Steven Bibb. There’s a closer look on the jump. [Update: This is Dorothea Wieck (d. 1986), known for “Maedchen in Uniform,” arriving in Los Angeles, April 13, 1933. She returned to Germany because she … Continue reading

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Pages of History — Morrow Mayo’s ‘Los Angeles’

       In one of my previous posts about Morrow Mayo’s “Los Angeles,” I said that The Times did not review it. In fact, The Times did review the book, but the item somehow manages to evade ProQuest’s search … Continue reading

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