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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights – Marion Davies, an Actress With a Heart to Help Children

Hollywood Heritage will celebrate Marion Davies’ birthday with a celebration Sunday, Jan. 22., at 2 p.m.  featuring Lara Gabrielle, author of Marion Davies: Captain of Her Soul, and a showing of Zander the Great. Tickets are $10 for members, $20 … Continue reading

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Bullet of Mystery – Part 5

In case you just tuned in, I’m posting a small case study of research I did with Caroline Comport on her grandfather Lionel Comport for her master’s thesis. Researching Los Angeles is a treasure hunt, and every time I dig … Continue reading

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Architectural Rambling

        I found this postcard of Dr. Alfred G. Schloesser’s Castle Sans Souci in Hollywood (the Times used the addresses 1831 and 1901 Argyle Ave.) and dug into the clips for a little more information.  The castle … Continue reading

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San Francisco Clinic Cures ‘Bad Girls’

    April 10, 1949: A San Francisco "promiscuity clinic" is working to treat "bad girls." No, really! After citing some terrifying statistics (68% of U.S. brides are not virgins!) Howard Whitman profiles the Psychiatric Service of the San Francisco … Continue reading

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Paul Coates, March 7, 1961

       March 7, 1961: Paul Coates looks at the problem of a family caring (or not caring) for an ailing parent who is on welfare and a veteran's pension. He writes: How any society but a degenerating one … Continue reading

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Found on EBay — ‘They Call Them Camisoles’

A rather battered but interesting copy of “They Call Them Camisoles” has been listed on EBay. “Camisoles” was written by Wilma Carnes under the pen name Wilma Wilson and is a graphic first-person account of her time at Camarillo (“Camisoles” … Continue reading

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Jack LaLanne, 1914 – 2011 [Updated]

    Oct. 4, 1974: Jack LaLanne celebrates his 60th birthday by swimming from Alcatraz to Fisherman's Wharf  in San Francisco — with his hands and feet tied and pulling a 1,000-pound boat. In addition to his usual training program … Continue reading

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A Victim of ‘Retrocephalitis’

    Nov. 15-17, 1910: Benjamin Sheppard was a large, powerful garbage worker, a victim of “retrocephalitis” that turned him into a “animal-man.” At least that’s what The Times reported. And yes, he was African American. "That Sheppard is a … Continue reading

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Woman’s Mutilated Body Buried in Backyard, 1910

              Eva Swan in the San Francisco Call   Sept. 24-Nov. 5, 1910: Newspapers of the era are full of stories about a particularly grotesque case involving San Francisco stenographer Eva Swan, who lingered … Continue reading

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Found on EBay: Foo and Wing Herb Co.

This c. 1907 postcard for Foo and Wing Herb Co., 903 S. Olive St., has been listed on EBay. At right, an advertisement for Foo and Wing from 1913. Bidding starts at $6.  

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Florence Nightingale Dies

Aug. 15, 1910:  Florence Nightingale dies in London at the age of 90.

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Car Hits Newsboy, 9

July 19, 1910: A news story straight in the Herald and in dialect in The Times. Evidently neither paper reported on whether he recovered.

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Burglar Hangs Himself in Jail Cell

  What if it rained eyeglasses? June 14, 1910: Martin T. Smith is found hanging from the door of his cell after being arrested in Santa Monica for burglary. Smith, who had been drinking heavily, leaves no family, The Times … Continue reading

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On the Frontiers of Medicine, June 13, 1960

June 13, 1960: The gist of Bruce Russell’s cartoon seems to be that speeding is bad. Either that or driving through a huge skull is dangerous. On the jump, bone marrow injections offer hope for cancer patients, and TV viewers … Continue reading

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LAPD Captain Accused of Corruption

  June 10, 1910: An AMA convention in St. Louis finds out what a Nautsch dancer is. On the jump, the complicated case of Police Capt. Charles E. Dixon and Hampshire Hotel operator William D. Gage. Dixon, the head of … Continue reading

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On the Frontiers of Medicine, 1910

  Anne Blanche in “Freckles” at the Los Angeles Theater.  June 6, 1910: Exhibit 1 in the argument that the past was not a kinder, simpler time is Abraham Flexner’s book “Medical Education in the United States and Canada.” The Times … Continue reading

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Cupid’s Sorrowful Tale

  Happy foot! May 13, 1910: Mrs. Mallory gets 90 days in jail for running a disorderly house on Spring Street and a $50 fine for violating liquor laws … and the sorrowful story of a young woman who met … Continue reading

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White House Proposes Healthcare Plan

  May 5, 1960: The Republican administration of President Eisenhower announces plans for federal and state funding of medical insurance for people over 65 in the Medicare Program for the Aged. The Democrats opposed the plan in favor of healthcare … Continue reading

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On the Frontiers of Medicine, 1910

  May 1, 1910: Although Harry Ellington Brook was a popular and respected institution at The Times from 1886 to 1912 and 1917 to 1924, I had never encountered  him before, and his proclamations on health can only be described … Continue reading

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Emergency Medical Training for Police, Firefighters

  April 11, 1910: Dr. Charles Zerfing, the police surgeon, wants police officers and firefighters to be trained in “first aid to the injured.” Zerfing also wants an automobile ambulance equipped with emergency supplies, The Times says. Zerfing’s actions come … Continue reading

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