Feuding Women Sentenced to 90 Days in Same Jail Cell

Oct. 24, 1942, Follies
Oct. 24, 1942: Yetta Furst of 2208 Sheridan St. and Anna  Rubenstein of 2214 Sheridan St. had been feuding for 20 years and had been charged with disturbing the peace. Municipal Judge Ida May Adams sentenced them to  90 days in the Lincoln Heights jail, suspending 60 days if they spent 30 days in the same jail cell and tried to get along.

2200 Block of Sheridan Street
The 2200 block of Sheridan Street via Google’s Street View.

Their fighting continued, disturbing other inmates, so the judge transferred them to County Jail, ordering them not to spit at each other and only speak English so jail attendants would know if they were cursing. They were again placed in the same cell and given the option of getting along and being released in two weeks or continuing their fight — for the full 90 days.

On Dec. 7, 1942, The Times reported that Furst agreed to keep the peace and was released after three weeks but Rubenstein refused and served the full 90 days.

“Bambi” is opening at the Carthay Circle, United Artists and Four Star theaters.

Oct. 24, 1942, Feuding neighbors

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  1. Eve Golden says:

    Feuding Women Sentenced to 90 Days in the Follies? Hubba hubba!


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