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#history, #museum 7|16|2011

Photo: The Dodge House. Credit: latimes.com SPOTLIGHT The New York Times’ Michael Kimmelman visits the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. Kimmelman writes: Devised like most true collections from somebody’s crazy obsession, the Mütter dressed up good old ghoulish midway spectacle in … Continue reading

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7|13|2011 #history, #museum

Photo: Pierre Loti’s house. Credit: Discover Poitou Charentes RECOMMENDEDElaine Sciolino’s new travel column Lumiere in the New York Times takes a look at the house museum of Pierre Loti. Sciolino says: “On an unremarkable street in the unremarkable town, the … Continue reading

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7|12|2011 #history #museum #cold cases [Updated]

Sept. 19, 1890: Edison’s talking doll in the Sydney Journal. RECOMMENDEDRon Cowen in the Washington Post has a great story about scientists using optical scanning to recover a primitive recording made by Thomas Edison about 1889 for a talking doll. … Continue reading

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7|9|2011, #history, #museum

NEWSLauren Viera, writing in the Chicago Tribune, says that the Art Institute of Chicago is quietly conducting a search for a director to replace  James Cuno, who has become president and chief executive of the J. Paul Getty Trust.Sidebar: Help … Continue reading

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#history, #museum [Updated]

April 10, 1963: Firefighters recover a crucifix from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Credit: Detroit News NEWS Steve Hindle takes over as research director at the Huntington Library. Pasadena Star- News The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts reports that … Continue reading

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U.S. Returns Looted Items to Iraq

Writing in the Washington Post, Jason Ukman says that 30 items looted from Iraq have been returned, with hundreds more to follow. Investigators have been tracking stolen artifacts on Craigslist and Christie’s, among other places.  The recovered items include ancient … Continue reading

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#history, #museum

NEWSThe U.S. Justice Department says that oral history interviews are not protected by confidentiality agreements, according to Scott Jaschik on the Inside Higher Ed blog. Jaschik writes: The U.S. position in the case deals with a number of issues raised … Continue reading

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#history, #museum

David Dunlap has a great story in the New York Times’ City Room about the return of an eagle head, sculpted by Adolph A. Weinman, that was salvaged from the demolition of Pennsylvania Station. There’s lots more about bits and … Continue reading

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Texas Museum’s Mystery Safe May Hold Fortune – Or Not

A fun story is bouncing around the Web this morning regarding this Mosler safe, on display at the Frisco Texas Heritage Museum. People are wondering what – if anything – is inside and would like to find out without blowing … Continue reading

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My colleague Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at an effort to revive the Santa Catalina Island Museum with an exhibit of photos by Pattie Boyd, the former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Since … Continue reading

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