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The Daily Mirror Is Moving

I’m moving to Henry Fuhrmann, one of the assistant managing editors at The Times, likes to say: “Always take the high road. The view is nicer up there.” Henry is my friend, as well as my supervisor, and he … Continue reading

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Mayor Accuses LAPD of Spying on Political Supporters

June 9, 1961: Mayor-elect Sam Yorty comes out swinging, with charges that the LAPD was spying on his supporters, and he takes a little shot against The Times. Police Chief William H. Parker quickly disputed Yorty’s allegations, saying they were … Continue reading

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Yorty Elected Mayor!

             June 1, 1961: Sam Yorty defeats Norris Poulson in the mayor’s race. Poulson says one reason for his loss was the Memorial Day riot in Griffith Park in which a mob of African Americans … Continue reading

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Freedom Rider: ‘We Were All Prepared to Die’

        May 22, 1961:  Susan Herrmann, 20, an exchange student from Whittier College at Fisk University, Nashville, majoring in psychology, was one of two white girl "freedom riders" mobbed in Montgomery's race riot. Here is her account … Continue reading

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Jim Murray, May 11, 1961

            May 11, 1961: The horse player is the hardest guy I know to please in the whole world of sports. He is grumpy, cynical, suspicious. He never smiles. No matter what happens he is … Continue reading

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Elijah Muhammad Calls for Separate Black Nation

        April 14, 1961: "Elijah Muhammad, 63-year-old leader of the politico-religious cult known as the Muslims, today held his first press conference in 30 years and asked for a part of America to form his own country," … Continue reading

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Faith and the Negro ‘Question’

        Feb. 25, 1911: Religion columnist William T. Ellis has a few things on his mind about the Negro “question,” but none of them involve defining what the “question” might be. Presumably it was so familiar to … Continue reading

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Paul Coates, Feb. 22, 1961

         Feb. 22, 1961: Longtime readers of the Daily Mirror may recall Paul Coates’ 1959 columns about a young African American boy named Butch Harris, who faced exclusion from the Cub Scouts because of his race. Today, … Continue reading

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Wife Seeks Divorce After Learning Mother-in-Law is Black

           Jan. 25, 1911: Divorce proceedings reveal the peculiar tale of Elda P. Kenny/Kenney and her husband, Robert. The Kenneys married in Cleveland in 1902 and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, The Times says. In … Continue reading

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Death Reveals ‘Burglar’ Is Suspicious Husband in Disguise

            Jan. 18, 1911: Jealousy takes a tragic turn in Long Beach as a suspicious husband tries to catch his wife cheating on him with a house guest and is shot to death when the … Continue reading

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Black Politics in L.A., 1913

        Feb. 22, 1913: Councilman Robert M. Lusk died in office and the African Americans of Los Angeles called on the council to appoint one of several black contenders to complete his term. Charles C. Flint, a … Continue reading

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Amazing Predictions for 1961!

         hile the rest of the news business spends the final days of December looking back at the major events of the year, the Daily Mirror is peering forward, and for us at least, the future is … Continue reading

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Paul Coates, Dec. 13, 1960

       Dec. 13, 1960: Paul Coates has an update on the story of John Howard Griffin, whose book “Black Like Me,” about his experiences pretending to be African American, shocked many white readers. Notice Paul Weeks' byline out … Continue reading

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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, Nov. 16, 1940

           Nov. 16, 1940: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard are packing for a trailer trek to Nebraska, where they'll visit her relatives, Jimmie Fidler says.

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Matt Weinstock, Oct. 18, 1960

      Oct. 18, 1960: Matt Weinstock has an item on Robert Nathan’s satire “The Weans.” CONFIDENTIAL TO 'SICK INSIDE': Tell your husband you found the letter. He owes you an explanation.

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Paul Coates, Aug. 17, 1960

  Aug. 17, 1960: Paul Coates writes about an economic boycott against African Americans in the South who register to vote.

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Burned Bones Indicate Grim Fate of Missing Family

  Aug. 4, 1910: The San Francisco Call. Isn’t that a great font? And two kinds of “Ms.” Aug. 4-5, 1910: The Kendall family disappears from a ranch outside Santa Rosa and investigators find grisly evidence that they were slaughtered. … Continue reading

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Lynchings in Florida

    Aug. 2, 1910: Alexandria (Va.) Gazette. The Times, Aug. 4, 1910. Aug. 5, 1910: Mahoning (Ohio) Dispatch. Aug. 9, 1910: Bisbee (Ariz.) Daily Review. Aug. 2-9, 1910: It’s a bit difficult to track down the original story about … Continue reading

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The Protests

  Photograph by R.L. Oliver / Los Angeles Times Photographer R.L. Oliver wrote: “The Rev. Maurice A. Dawkins, minister of the People's Independent Church of Christ, started at midnight Sunday in a 24-hour vigil of prayer and fasting, advocating a … Continue reading

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Fight of the Century Touches Off Race Riots

  July 7, 1910: Times cartoonist Edmund Waller “Ted” Gale comments on the race riots that followed Jack Johnson’s defeat of James Jeffries in the Fight of the Century. Many cities barred theaters from showing film of the fight for … Continue reading

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