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Remembering Robert F. Kennedy

        Robert F. Kennedy, Ambassador Hotel, June 5, 1968.       I pulled together a series of posts in 2008 for the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. Here’s … Continue reading

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Elijah Muhammad Calls for Separate Black Nation

        April 14, 1961: "Elijah Muhammad, 63-year-old leader of the politico-religious cult known as the Muslims, today held his first press conference in 30 years and asked for a part of America to form his own country," … Continue reading

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Kennedy Mystery Photo

Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador, June 5, 1968, photo courtesy of Howard Decker Robert F. Kennedy in an undated photo by Paul Jacobs L.A. Observed recently posted a photo – from Chip Jacobs’ blog — of Robert F. Kennedy … Continue reading

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Paul Conrad, RIP

  Aug. 9, 1974, Paul Conrad on Richard Nixon's resignation. Also, Paul Conrad on the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy.

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From the Archives

Photograph by Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times My friends on the photo desk have started a terrific blog featuring images from the archives. Here’s Boris Yaro’s famous photograph of the 1968 shooting of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador … Continue reading

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The Bosses

  Los Angeles Times file photo July 13, 1960: Robert F. Kennedy puts the arm on New York Democratic leader Carmen DeSapio as New York Mayor Robert Wagner and Rep. Michael Prendergast (D-N.Y.) listen. This is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Robert Kennedy Sets Up JFK Campaign Headquarters

    May 21, 1960: Robert F. Kennedy talks to reporters at the Biltmore Bowl after arriving in Los Angeles to set up campaign headquarters for his brother Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass). And a headline writer takes the easy … Continue reading

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Legislators Debate Chessman and Death Penalty

Los Angeles Times file photo Feb. 21, 1960: Caryl Chessman, center, after receiving a stay of execution, with attorneys George T. Davis and Rosalie Asher. Feb. 21, 1960: A 60-day stay of execution for Caryl Chessman so the Legislature can … Continue reading

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Ike Rides Wave of Popularity; Dodgers Call Up Reinforcements

Sept. 2, 1959: A story about President Eisenhower's European trip marking the 20th anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland notes that he remains popular. But look at what's happening in the country as Ike prepares to leave office: The prime … Continue reading

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Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy

"Love is not an easy feeling to put into words. Nor is loyalty, or trust, or joy. But he was all of these. He loved life completely and lived it intensely." June 9, 1968: The Times' obituary of Sen. Edward … Continue reading

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State Tax Plan; Dodger Breaks Ankle, April 9, 1969

  Tommy Davis was a star with the Dodgers, a two-time National League batting champion. Then everything changed with one slide. Davis was headed toward second in a 1965 game at Dodger Stadium, a routine play that forever slowed his career. … Continue reading

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The Rosey Grier Show, March 16, 1969

Los Angeles Times file photo The Fearsome Foursome: Merlin Olsen, David "Deacon" Jones, Lamar Lundy and Rosey Grier make their singing debut on "Shindig," 1965.  Rosey Grier is no one-dimensional ex-football player. He’s well known as a singer, needlepoint enthusiast … Continue reading

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James Earl Ray Gets 99 Years for Killing King; Angels Want Ex-Dodger, March 11, 1969

Black militants shut down two schools in protests over police brutality … and gold is selling for $48.41 an ounce or $270.94 USD 2007. "It was the first time I ever killed a man in hand-to-hand combat," Medal of Honor … Continue reading

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Outbursts in Sirhan Trial; Dodgers Promote Lasorda, February 27, 1969

Now those are some bell bottoms. If you don’t remember them, ask your mom. Nixon to address West German parliament. At left, more oil washes ashore near Santa Barbara, but it’s unclear whether this is from the original spill or … Continue reading

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Arabs on Alert, Baseball Strike? February 20, 1969

Nancy Sinatra … in WAX! To simulate prejudice, brunet students eat at a table designed "No Blondes." At left, Arab countries prepare for retaliation for a terrorist attack on an El Al airliner at Zurich. Also… Take the time to … Continue reading

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Sirhan Trial, February 15, 1969

A Navy inquiry into the Pueblo incident, Gabby Hayes dies, a landslide closes the Pomona Freeway and the State Board of Education decides that a school is racially imbalanced if there’s a 15% difference from the racial makeup of youngsters … Continue reading

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Opening Statements in Sirhan Trial; Injured Angel Makes Comeback, February 14, 1969

The prosecution makes opening statements in the trial of Sirhan B. Sirhan in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Out of curiosity, how many Daily Mirror readers would be interested in following his trial? I hadn’t planned on it, but … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times file photo Antiwar demonstrators fight with Chicago police during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. At left, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon wins the Republican nomination for the 1968 presidential race. He selects Maryland Gov. Spiro T. … Continue reading

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Remembering RFK

Image courtesy of KTLA-TV Robert F. Kennedy, Ambassador Hotel, June 5, 1968. Beginning June 1, the Daily Mirror will follow Robert F. Kennedy in the final days of his campaign for the American presidency, from hope and triumph at the … Continue reading

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June 6, 1968

Drawing by Paul Conrad / Los Angeles Times A heavy news day at the Los Angeles Times. Nearly every section carried a story about the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, whether it was the mainbar, various sidebars, sports columnists … Continue reading

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