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Feb. 1, 1908

Legal troubles among the Daughters of Pocahontas (white members only!) land in court … Imported grass seed from the Sahara is to be planted in the California desert … The Odd Fellows discuss a convention in Los Angeles … A … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

Jan. 31, 1958 It is generally conceded that newspapermen have an infinite capacity for nonchalance, irreverence and wryness. No one is sure why. Maybe it’s the interesting people they don’t meet. Anyway, several reporters were reminiscing the other day and … Continue reading

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Poker Dog update

My earlier post on whether there were original "Poker Dog"  paintings at the Redwood prompted this response:  Just read this and it made my day. I can assure you there are no original Coolidge poker dogs here now. yours truly … Continue reading

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Charles Starkweather

  Los Angeles Times file photo Charles Starkweather, shortly after his arrest, with blood on his ear and shirt from police gunfire. Los Angeles Times file photo Charles Starkweather in a Douglas, Wyo., jail cell Los Angeles Times file photo … Continue reading

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Charles Starkweather

Jan. 31, 1958Los Angeles A crowd watches flames destroy an old wooden bridge over the Los Angeles River near Compton … An inquiry by the district attorney finds no basis for allegations of misconduct by the Los Angeles County coroner’s … Continue reading

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Hitler anniversary

Jan. 31, 1938 Berlin celebrates Adolf Hitler’s fifth anniversary … Dist. Atty. Buron Fitts promises a crackdown on vice in Los Angeles … The City Council is studying whether to set up an intake bureau to assist homeless men in … Continue reading

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Jan. 31, 1908

A man crossing 9th Street near Maple is injured when he stumbles over a rope that a motorist is using to tow another car … Foreign ships call at the port of San Pedro, delivering large loads of lumber and … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

Jan. 30, 1958 As all dedicated students of trivia know, it’s the little things, not the big ones, that irritate and arouse people. At the moment, the mail is littered with derogatory comments about the proposal, presented at the recent … Continue reading

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Paul Coates

Jan. 30, 1958 Memphis Harry Lee Ward, Hollywood’s oldest newsboy and foremost collector of literary works, once made the observation to me that: "Parkey Sharkey is far more literary than you are, sir." It wasn’t a comment meant to degrade … Continue reading

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Location sleuth

A movie crew has been dressing the third-floor newsroom to film scenes of the "Steve Lopez Movie" and have put metal jackets and overhead lights around the old columns (in reality, there is no overhead lighting in the newsroom). They … Continue reading

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Charles Starkweather


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Literary diversions

Jan. 30, 1938Los Angeles It’s a Sunday morning in Los Angeles and Times readers turn to the weekly magazine. Here’s an installment of an Erle Stanley Gardner story, as published 70 years ago.  

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Jan. 30, 1908

Tumult in the city of Vernon … Chinatown gets ready to celebrate Chinese New Year … A question of insanity in a murder trial … The Jonathan Club, California Club and nearly 100 social organizations must get licenses or stop … Continue reading

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Jan. 30, 1958Los Angeles Recognize these young movie stars? I read about lots of Hollywood marriages as I go through the old papers–and even more Hollywood divorces. So as Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward celebrate their 50th anniversary, I thought … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

Jan. 29, 1958 Charles Judson, former city editor of the late lamented L.A. Daily News, is now farm editor of the daily Grand Junction (Colo.) Sentinel. His job requires that he travel about the countryside, checking agricultural conditions and writing … Continue reading

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Paul Coates

Jan. 29, 1958 The Kingfish and I got a pretty fair raking over the coals a few days ago. And, somehow, I’m not quite sure that we deserved it. The man who did the raking is a colleague of mine–a … Continue reading

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Mini survey

I’ve been at this for about 10 months now. Please tell me what you like and what the Daily Mirror could be doing better…. 1908 pages: More/less/the same 1938 pages: More/less/the same 1958 pages: More/less/the same Historic sports: More/less/the same … Continue reading

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Jan. 29, 1958


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Raymond bombing

  An attorney for two LAPD officers charges that Assembly Speaker William Moseley Jones is exploiting the state vice inquiry to bolster his campaign for attorney general  … Diplomatic repercussions over a  sentry slapping a U.S. envoy in Nanking …  … Continue reading

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Jan. 29, 1908

Wow. Despite what I know about local history, I’m stunned by the article on the mass firing of Japanese employees across the city … Los Angeles County is looking for another coroner … Bad news in the courts for automobile … Continue reading

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