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October 1947: Veteran’s Story of Adopting Enemy Soldier’s Daughter Leaves Troubling Questions

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project. Less than three years ago the average American solider in combat was under oath to kill Japanese—but yesterday it was learned that a former combat soldier, … Continue reading

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Oct. 19, 1907: Toku, Abandoned by Man Who Claimed to Be Wealthy, Denied a Divorce

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Oct. 19, 1907 Los Angeles On a visit to Japan, K. Tsuneda of California met an attractive young woman named Toku. Telling her family that he was a wealthy Stanford student, Tsuneda … Continue reading

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60% Chance of Immediate War With Japan, Dec. 6, 1941

Dec. 6, 1941: Burt Lancaster gets an important phone call from Deborah Kerr. Edgar Ansel Mowrer of the Chicago Daily News Foreign Service says “… well-informed American officials are still convinced that Japan will start a fight in the near … Continue reading

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Hundreds die as planes attack Chinese church, Angels lead league, August 9, 1938

    t left, Japanese planes bomb the Catholic cathedral in Canton, China … Superior Court Judge Fletcher Bowron is selected to be a candidate in the recall election against Mayor Frank Shaw, but Bowron hasn’t given his approval. In … Continue reading

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US drops atomic bomb on Japan, August 6, 1945

    he beginning of the Atomic Age. Note that the Associated Press story identifies Hiroshima as a Japanese army base. President Harry Truman says the Japanese "may expect a rain of ruin from the air the like of which … Continue reading

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July 31, 1958

A car made in … Japan? Built by some outfit called Toy-o-ta? You can’t be serious. Hm. "33 m.p.g." I wonder what that means. Email me

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March 21, 1938

Below, despite concessions from Lithuania, war remains a possibility between the nation and neighboring Poland … Mexico nationalizes foreign oil companies … An estimated 30,000 troops have died in fighting between Japan and China … And United Press helpfully identifies … Continue reading

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Feb. 14, 1938

Above, an ad for the Del Coronado … Capt. Earle Kynette compares himself to Alfred Dreyfus … "Hammer Slayer Flees Hospital," now there’s a headline that says "read me" … A writer injured in the Japanese bombing of a U.S. … Continue reading

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Feb. 9, 1908

  It’s Sunday, but instead of featuring a home of the week, The Times real estate pages highlight the new Pacific Coast Soda Co. in Santa Ana, and the images are barely visible. However, there’s a nice ad for a … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

  Feb. 6, 1938 Los Angeles It’s Sunday in Los Angeles, and the weekly real estate section features the floor plan of a modern home–cost $3,990 ($57,055.15 USD 2007) … Japan builds a navy … As Hitler consolidates his power, … Continue reading

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Harry Raymond bombing

Feb. 3, 1938Los Angeles  Paul Wright collapses on the witness stand … A car plays "Nearer, My God, to Thee" when it reaches 60 mph … A member of the LAPD Intelligence Unit surrenders in the investigation of the Harry … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

    The February 1938 issue of Vogue–delayed because of antisemitic words hidden in a cartoon. A big news day: Japanese soldiers brutalize Nanking, China, while Japanese authorities apologize and eventually issue an edict that malicious cables discrediting the Japanese … Continue reading

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Christmas past

Dec. 26, 1942Los Angeles   Photograph by the Los Angeles Times Servicemen celebrate Christmas at the USO canteen at 515 W. 6th St. And here’s the front page from that day:

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

June 11, 1957 Our national concern for the plight of soldier William Girard has, from the start, struck me as oddly misplaced. As well as I can understand it, we’re upset because the United States has failed to stand behind … Continue reading

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Soldier kills woman

  June 5, 1957 Tokyo Until the moment he pulled the trigger on that day in January, Spc. 3rd Class William S. Girard of Ottowa, Ill., was a just bored 21-year-old soldier with an IQ of 90 guarding a machine … Continue reading

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