Harry Raymond bombing

Feb. 3, 1938
Los Angeles


 Paul Wright collapses on the witness stand … A car plays "Nearer, My God, to Thee" when it reaches 60 mph … A member of the LAPD Intelligence Unit surrenders in the investigation of the Harry Raymond bombing … Germany’s Marshal Werner von Blomberg resigns after marrying a woman who is "socially impossible," clearing the way for the rise of Nazi leader Hermann Goering … Japanese Foreign Minister Koki Hirota’s informal remark that a state of war exists between his nation and China prompts U.S. senators to demand that President Roosevelt invoke the neutrality act … And longshoremen’s union leader Harry Bridges is in court … On the jump: 25-cent highballs at Al Levy’s Tavern.



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1 Response to Harry Raymond bombing

  1. Richard H says:

    “For the first time since Raymond was bombed last January 14, Chief Davis visited [District Attorney] Fitt’s office at the latter’s request, where they were closeted for more than an hour.”
    “Two Gun” Jim Davis was sure dragging his feet. Doesn’t come back to town from Mexico CIty for a week after the bombing, even after members of his LAPD were charged in connection with the case. Then he doesn’t even meet with the D.A. for another 12 days after his return, although he did meet with Frank Shaw, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the day after he returned from Mexico City.
    Also, he appears to be at odds with the D.A. over whether certain members of the LAPD were involved in the bombing or not. He exonerated them, then the D.A. charges them. It is obvious that the D.A. didn’t rely on the LAPD to investigate the case. In fact it would appear the D.A. was relying on information from Harry Raymond, the would-be bombing target.
    Interesting state of affairs between the D.A.’s office and the LAPD.
    The TImes reporting of this has a strangely ambivalent tone. The only editorial comments are from one E.V. Durling, “Let’s be done with trial by newspapers” and one Chapin Hall, “the sooner the dirty linen is washed and hung out to dry, the better for all concerned.”


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