Hundreds die as planes attack Chinese church, Angels lead league, August 9, 1938

Greta Garbo to star in movie Ninotchka for MGM

39 die as planes attack Chinese Catholic church This type was taken from a 1914 headline that read The Turrble Tales of Kaptin Kiddo
t left, Japanese planes bomb the Catholic cathedral in Canton, China …
Superior Court Judge Fletcher Bowron is selected to be a candidate in the recall election against Mayor Frank Shaw, but Bowron hasn’t given his approval. In an interesting footnote, future Judge Stanley Mosk backs "left-wing Democrat" Sam Yorty as a candidate.

On the jump, the Los Angles Public Library expands its reading program in Pershing Square–the library offers books and magazines withdrawn from the collection, The Times says.

In sports, the Los Angeles Angeles meet the Hollywood Stars … Henry Armstrong and Lou Ambers prepare for their lightweight title bout.

Los Angeles library offers books at Pershing Square Angels lead league

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1 Response to Hundreds die as planes attack Chinese church, Angels lead league, August 9, 1938

  1. Richard H says:

    Sam Yorty in 1938 was being touted by City movers and shakers for Mayor?
    The wonders never cease…
    Maybe it was his resemblance to Jack Oakie the comic.
    To ponder the unthinkable, what if Sam Yorty had become Mayor of Los Angeles (“Los Ang les”, to use Yortyspeak) in 1938 instead of 1961?
    Sam Yorty becomes Mayor of Los Angeles at age 28 in 1938…
    So many more times to run for Governor of California and President of the United States. So many more years for “travelling Sam ” to see the world…
    Straight from Frank Shaw to Sam Yorty…
    Los Angeles would not have survived.
    I’ll probably get skinned alive for my comments by some Yorty admirer who think the Yorty years were the last great years for the City of Los Angeles.
    R.I.P. Sam Yorty


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