Raymond bombing


The February 1938 issue of Vogue–delayed because of antisemitic words hidden in a cartoon.

A big news day: Japanese soldiers brutalize Nanking, China, while Japanese authorities apologize and eventually issue an edict that malicious cables discrediting the Japanese army will not be allowed to circulate abroad …  A grand jury is impaneled in the Harry Raymond bombing …  Antisemitic words hidden in a Cecil Beaton cartoon force Vogue to delay its February issue so a corrected page can be printed … And a battle between union leaders Harry Bridges and Dave Beck over West Coast ports.




Page 2



Page 3


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1 Response to Raymond bombing

  1. Diane says:

    Could you please check on the file holding the first page of the paper? I very much want to read the Vogue article, but it doesn’t zoom like the 2nd and 3d pages.
    Thanks very much!
    –My error. I’ll upload it again tomorrow.


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