July 31, 1958


A car made in … Japan? Built by some outfit called Toy-o-ta? You can’t be serious. Hm. "33 m.p.g." I wonder what that means. Email me

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to July 31, 1958

  1. The first ad campaign for Toyota I remember was in Hawaii, around 1968. Here is the tag line still reverberating in my admittedly addled brain:
    “Toyota is a name you can’t remember, Toyota is a car you can’t forget”.
    We learned to remember the name, as Japan’s eye to quality eclipsed the planned obsolescence of the American industry it first emulated.


  2. R. KOCH says:

    Cute car. I have never heard of it.


  3. cody mccall says:

    I wonder if appealing to the ‘thinking man’ sold any of these: for, as we all know, we buy cars based on emotion, the shallower the better.


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