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Oct. 19, 1907: Toku, Abandoned by Man Who Claimed to Be Wealthy, Denied a Divorce

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Oct. 19, 1907 Los Angeles On a visit to Japan, K. Tsuneda of California met an attractive young woman named Toku. Telling her family that he was a wealthy Stanford student, Tsuneda … Continue reading

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Sept. 22, 1907: No Divorce, Judge Says, You Knew He Was a Bellboy When You Married Him!

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Sept. 22, 1907 Los Angeles She was 34 and a successful businesswoman. He was a 19-year-old bellboy at the Hollenbeck Hotel. Emma and George Lloyd were married and for a time were … Continue reading

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Aug. 7, 1907: Too Late for Wife to Repent Marriage to Abusive Husband, Judge Rules

  Note: This is an encore post from 2006. Aug. 7, 1907 Los Angeles He swore at her and told her to go to hell. He rarely worked and only helped her run their boarding house when he felt like … Continue reading

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June 16, 1907: Lawyer Edith Foulkes Handles Her Own Divorce Case

Note: This is an encore post from 2006. June 16, 1907 Los Angeles Despite the old saying—a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client—Edith Foulkes is a smart woman, at least in the courtroom. She can’t make … Continue reading

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Jan. 8, 1947: Judge Denies ‘Hollywood’ Divorce for Actress Virginia Engels ‘The Orchid Queen’

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project. Jan. 8, 1947: The apartment was so small that her husband, James Robert Dennis, asked her to go home to live with her parents. He said he’d call … Continue reading

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Seals Juggle, Walk Rope, Plus Little Miss Manicure at the Pantages!

Jan. 23, 1913: Juggling, rope-walking seals! Little Miss Manicure and the Scarecrow Man! On the jump, a couple of juicy divorces and Carl Warr, the dynamiter.

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July 2, 1908

er name was Fanny (or Fannie) and she had everything a young wife could want, at least according to her husband, Walter F.W. Stock, a grading contractor from Long Beach. The Stocks enjoyed a happy home and had two children. … Continue reading

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May 1, 1908

Above, the latest style in women’s hats, the Merry Widow. Below, the scandalous divorce of Emanuel Augustine Lord of Bridgeport, Conn. Lord accuses his wife of an affair with Harry Cameron, the African American coachman. Quote of the Day: "Lord … Continue reading

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Man kills son

  Jan. 7, 1958 Los Angeles "Dear mother," the note from 9-year-old Jimmy began. They weren’t his words, of course. They were dictated by his father, David James Darr, a 34-year-old machinist who was apparently holding a .45 to his … Continue reading

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Actress seeks divorce

  Nov. 6, 1957 Los Angeles A dissolute, self-centered millionaire playboy with two marriages under his belt meets a gorgeous starlet on the rebound from her second marriage and the outcome should be obvious to everyone. But it wasn’t. Frederick … Continue reading

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Rock Hudson’s wedding album

I went down to The Times’ archives and pulled Rock Hudson‘s wedding pictures because I’m the kind of person who would want to see Rock Hudson’s wedding pictures. Please note: All captions are from original information provided when the photos … Continue reading

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Iron lung

  Sept. 21, 1957 Los Angeles If the Murrill family’s story were fiction, it would be comic, but alas, it is fairly tragic, quite absurd and entirely true. In 1949, Jeffrey Lee Murrill  was born to Robert Murrill, a 27-year-old … Continue reading

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Paul V. Coates–Confidential File

Aug. 27, 1957 SUBJECTS’ NAMES: Trudy, 6, Terry, 9, and Kim, 11, Ingram. SUBJECTS’ DESCRIPTIONS: All have blue eyes, light brown hair. Trudy and Terry, stocky build. Kim, slender. Anyone with information as to their whereabouts is asked to contact … Continue reading

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A light in the window

Aug. 23, 1957Los Angeles Sandra O’Hara, 11, was sent to live with her mother when her parents divorced and apparently preferred to live with her father, Martin. So they devised a plan. The next time Sandra’s mother, Veda, 30, had … Continue reading

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Discord in Alhambra

  Aug. 5, 1957 Alhambra Robert D. Smallfield and his former wife, Wilma, have a novel arrangement. Divorced after 17 years of marriage, Robert rents a room from Wilma at their former home, 1222 S. Marengo, Alhambra, so that he … Continue reading

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June bride

June 30, 1957 Milwaukee Mary and Leeland met while taking summer courses at Harvard and are so in love that they want to get married. But while Leeland loves Mary, his parents hate her. She “shot holes through our heart,” … Continue reading

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Orchestra wives

June 28, 1957 Los Angeles It’s a tough life for orchestra wives. Consider the case of Joy Windsor, bandleader Charlie Barnet’s 10th wife. In May, Barnet had assured her that his days of touring were over. “I was on the … Continue reading

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