60% Chance of Immediate War With Japan, Dec. 6, 1941

Dec. 6, 1941, Japan

"From Here to Eternity"

Dec. 6, 1941: Burt Lancaster gets an important phone call from Deborah Kerr.

Edgar Ansel Mowrer of the Chicago Daily News Foreign Service says “… well-informed American officials are still convinced that Japan will start a fight in the near future. One of them called it a 60-40 bet in favor of immediate war.”

Times correspondent Tom Treanor, who was killed during the liberation of France, writes about what life will be like after the war.

Jimmie Fidler says: How come reporters aren’t hep to the Carole Landis-Cary Grant datings, specifically to the Ocean Park fights?

Dec. 6, 1941, Japan
Dec. 6, 1941, Japan

Dec. 6, 1941, Tom Treanor

Dec. 6, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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