Hollis Mulwray House – Update

Hollis Mulwray House, Update

Here’s an update on renovations at the Hollis Mulwray house from “Chinatown.” The last time I posted a photo it looked like this.

Hollis Mulwray House, February 2012

This is how it looked in February 2012.

Hollis Mulwray House, "Chinatown"

And how it appears in the movie.

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3 Responses to Hollis Mulwray House – Update

  1. aryedirect says:

    Hollis is never home these days. Last I heard of him he was picketing on Mulholland Drive for a name change. The authorities said he was all wet.


  2. stevo3 says:

    is this the same hollis wood from the movie 1941?


  3. Benito says:

    Spoiler Alert! Is the pond Hollis Mulray drowned in still full of salt water?


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