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Union Station Opens in Los Angeles, May 1939

June 29, 1938: Nuestro Pueblo, by artist Charles Owens and writer Joe Seewerker,  depicts the construction of Union Station. Here are some posts that I wrote years ago, including several when Union Station turned 70. — Grand Design for Los … Continue reading

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Farewell to Old Los Angeles

The old Plaza area as drawn by Times artist Charles Owens. Along with the demolition to make way for Union Station, historic buildings between the Plaza and Union Station were torn down in February 1951. Oct. 22, 1933: I came … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Los Angeles – Aliso and Alameda

Nov. 18, 1935: This is the third installment in the Rediscovering Los Angeles series, featuring Charles Owens’ artwork and text by Times columnist Timothy Turner. Unlike the later Nuestro Pueblo series by Owens and Joe Seewerker, these entries were never … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Los Angeles – Ferguson Alley

Nov. 11, 1935: For their second installment of “Rediscovering Los Angeles,” Times artist Charles Owens and Times columnist Timothy Turner visit Ferguson Alley, which as Turner notes was going to be demolished for Union Station. Turner writes: Ferguson Alley, which … Continue reading

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Marion Eisenmann: Artist’s Notebook – Union Station

“Union Station” by Marion Eisenmann, Aug, 8, 2009 Note: I’m reposting the artwork Marion Eisenmann did several years ago. It’s a pleasure to share her work with a new audience.

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