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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: 4418 Vineland Ave., Yesterday and Today, Part 2

4418 Vineland Ave. in an undated photo, courtesy of Mary Mallory.   Two years can bring changes in life, whether to a person or building, and not always for the better. I wrote about the history of 4418 Vineland Ave. … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Rockhaven Sanitarium Seeks Its Rehabilitation

The gate at Rockhaven, by Mary Mallory Hiding in plain sight and sitting in a state of arrested decay at 2713 Honolulu Ave. in Montrose, the historic Rockhaven Sanitarium stands as the only living example of Glendale’s and the Crescenta … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory/ Hollywood Heights: Hollywood Cafes Then and Now

  The Hi-Land Kwik Lunch, 1714 Highland Ave., courtesy of Mary Mallory.   Thanks to vintage photograph, films, and ephemera, buildings still live on, even if eventually they were demolished and/or replaced. Sometimes thankfully they still survive. Here is a … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photos

It was a tough week for the mystery photos and here’s why: All of these mystery movies are unidentified films listed on the Nitrate Film Interest Group page – and if you ever feel like testing your mystery movie skills, … Continue reading

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Vandalized Church Needs Help

Somewhere in Los Angeles, young men with too much testosterone and spray paint are spending what is apparently their abundant spare time vandalizing an abandoned church. Judging by my Instagram feed, abandoned classrooms, theaters, auditoriums and other unsecured sites in … Continue reading

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Last Remaining Seats 2015

The Los Angeles Conservancy has announced the films for its 2015 Last Remaining Seats series. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about this year’s LSR, because the conservancy does terrific work, but the programming is about as adventuresome as … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Garden Court Apartments Offer Luxurious Living on Hollywood Boulevard

A postcard of the Garden Court Apartments, listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $9.99. For decades, the elegant Garden Court Apartments represented high-class living for both aspiring and successful residents of Hollywood. Located just west of the thriving … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘Why Be Good?’ Celebrates the Jazz Age

  “I’m Thirsty for Kisses” from “Why Be Good?” listed on EBay at $8.49. A pulsating, dynamic salute to the jazz-mad, anything goes generation, the restored Colleen Moore feature, “Why Be Good?” features entertaining performances and gorgeous design set to … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: First National Building Banks On Hollywood’s Future

Hollywood First National Bank Building, Courtesy of Mary Mallory. Soaring to the skies, displaying confidence in Hollywood’s unlimited future, the First National Building, constructed and opened in 1928, brought Art Deco-Gothic beauty to Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Operating as … Continue reading

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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights — 4418 Vineland Ave. Yesterday and Today

Over the decades, towns and cities undergo great change as they evolve from agrarian societies into metropolitan areas. Multi-unit residential properties, modern office buildings and skyscrapers replace older buildings and styles of architecture, now considered too old-fashioned by some. Many … Continue reading

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The Old Daily Mirror Is Back Online

Some of the collateral damage from the redesign of latimes.com was the disappearance of the old Daily Mirror. It’s back online at the same old place. Google hates broken links, so I’m not sure what the outage did to its … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Los Angeles — The Baker Block

Feb. 27, 1936: This week, Times artist Charles Owens and columnist Timothy Turner visit the Baker Block, one of the huge gingerbread buildings that flourished in downtown Los Angeles, like the Hall of Records. The Baker Block, at Main and … Continue reading

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Farewell to Old Los Angeles

The old Plaza area as drawn by Times artist Charles Owens. Along with the demolition to make way for Union Station, historic buildings between the Plaza and Union Station were torn down in February 1951. Oct. 22, 1933: I came … Continue reading

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Scr*w You, Steve Needleman

If Steve Needleman, owner of the Orpheum Theatre, wanted  “a  two-story, 10,400-square-foot Cape Cod Revival house” he could have purchased an entire block of 1950s Valley tract homes and leveled them. No one would have cared. But tearing down Ira … Continue reading

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Hollis Mulwray House – Update

Here’s an update on renovations at the Hollis Mulwray house from “Chinatown.” The last time I posted a photo it looked like this.

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Mason Opera House – a Lost Landmark

Downtown hipsters know the spot at 1st Street and Broadway as a big hole in the ground, where construction seems to be getting underway. More mature Angelenos may recall the 1950s Cold War monstrosity that was demolished after being damaged … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Theatre — Business and Preservation

In passing the Los Angeles Theatre last night, I saw a notice of June 6 hearing on several business being proposed for the structure. The big question is what exactly would be done to the interior and how much the … Continue reading

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L.A. Conservancy Announces Last Remaining Seats for 2013

The L.A. Conservancy has posted its lineup for the Last Remaining Seats – which is one of my favorite downtown L.A. events – and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. June 1: “To Catch a Thief” at the Orpheum. June … Continue reading

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