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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: The 233 Club, Hollywood’s Masons

Feb. 27, 1926: The proposed building for the 233 Club in the Los Angeles Times. The jazz-mad, high-flying 1920s celebrated adventure, life, and excitement after all the dreariness and death of World War I. New-fangled fads skyrocketed in popularity one … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Los Angeles – Masonic Hall

Dec. 30, 1935: For this installment of Rediscovering Los Angeles, Times artist Charles Owens and columnist Timothy Turner visit Los Angeles’ former Masonic Hall, a building from the 1870s on Main street “on the east side just south of the … Continue reading

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Shriners Gather in L.A.

The 1907 Shriners convention in Los Angeles created a boom market in all sorts of memorabilia: plates, cups and other glassware, plus pins, postcards and lots of trinkets, which were sold and traded, all of which show up regularly on … Continue reading

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June 10, 1938

There are times when the old newspapers absolutely leave me speechless–and not in the good way. Yes, I realize this is a comic strip ("Tarzan") and yes, I realize it’s 1938 and not 2008. But good grief, I still find … Continue reading

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June 8, 1938

As they did in 1907 (above), Shriners from across the country converge on Los Angeles from the North and the East. The guests of the Al Malaikah Lodge had a merry time, with marching bands and elaborate costumes. I suspect … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

July 3, 1957  We have on our hands today a taxpayer in that happy frame of mind known as irate. He is enraged because he finds himself helpless at fighting City Hall. Half a dozen years ago he bought a … Continue reading

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