Conservatives Sexually Frustrated, UCLA Daily Bruin Says

Sept. 26, 1943, Comics
Sept. 26, 1943, Streetcar Strike Ends

Sept. 26, 1943: The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen ends its strike against the Pacific Electric, with workers returning to their jobs at 2 a.m. Their first task is to untangle a “freight jam which had threatened to undermine the entire local freight shipping industry,” The Times says.

The Daily Bruin publishes an article titled: “Sex Like Drink of Water,” which states: “Conservatives are sexually frustrated. This is why they turn all their efforts toward business and thus oppress the mass of the people. If they would recognize the importance of sex they would become kind and decent since they would realize how much they have in common with the masses.”

Madame Etienne’s School of the Dance is offering jitterbug classes.

In the Theaters: “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

UCLA Dean Gordon S. Watkins defends a writers congress scheduled for October against charges by state Sen. Jack B. Tenney (R-Los Angeles), that it is riddled with communists!

Watkins says: “It is appropriate to point out that freedom of inquiry and discussion is a cherished tradition at American universities.”

Tenney responds that: “No amount of flag-waving and shouts of academic freedom will answer the charge that this group is Communist instigated.” He says UCLA administrators are out of touch with life on campus, citing the Daily Bruin article on sex.

Next stop: The blacklist!

Tenney, the composer of “Mexicali Rose,” began his career as a Democratic assemblyman from Los Angeles County, but was elected to the state Senate in 1942 as a Republican and served until 1954. One of the more remarkable milestones of his career was opposing the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket in 1952. He ran for vice president under the Christian National Party. He died in 1970 at the age of 72.

Sept. 26, 1943, Jitterbug Classes

Sept. 26, 1943, Communist Influences

Sept. 26, 1943, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sept. 26, 1943, Communist Influences

Sept. 26, 1943, Communist Influences

Sept. 26, 1943, Communist Influences

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  1. aryedirect says:

    Sen. Jack B. Tenney’s sex life must have been extremely repressed. And boring.


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