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June 25, 1908

  rue confession: I mixed up June 26, 1908 and June 25, 1908. I suppose that happens more often that one might suspect–or not. Readers either politely didn’t bring it to my attention or didn’t notice. Thank you for your … Continue reading

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June 24, 1958

  t left, a nine-room home in an all-white neighborhood is heavily vandalized after being sold to an African American doctor and his family. The Times says vandals caused $15,000 ($109,315.53 USD 2007) damage to the newly redecorated home at … Continue reading

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June 24, 1938

uestro Pueblo is a new discovery for me, and a very happy one. The Times began the feature by writer Joe Seewerker and artist Charles Owens in June 1938, publishing installments Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The series ended in October … Continue reading

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June 24, 1908

loodshed and slaughter mark the beginning of the Persian Civil War, which lasted until 1909. In February, the shah, Mohammad Ali, escaped an assassination attempt when two bombs were dropped on his motorcade from the roof of a house. A … Continue reading

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Los Angeles traffic

Page 26 Page 27 f only Ray Hebert had asked the right question. But how was he to know? Twenty years after Ed Ainsworth focused on a "motorway" system in his series on Los Angeles traffic, Ray Hebert examines the … Continue reading

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Mystery photos

  As promised, here’s a roundup of recent mystery photos, ready for a second guess. I have added some obscure, cryptic clues. Email me Ronald and Nancy Reagan with a Hoosierland hoopster. Theda Bara, right, and an actress from one … Continue reading

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George Carlin, RIP

aybe you remember him as Al Sleet, the "Hippy, Dippy Weatherman with the hippy, dippy weather … man" or as Rufus in "Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure" or the author of an incredible number of jokes that are  eternally circulating … Continue reading

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June 23, 1908

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Voices–James Ellroy

  Aug. 30, 1995 By Amy Wallace Times Staff Writer n his 1987 crime novel, "The Black Dahlia," James Ellroy had the audacity–what he would call the "righteous authorial authority"–to cook up a solution to Los Angeles’ most famous unsolved … Continue reading

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Geneva Ellroy, RIP

Geneva Ellroy crime scene, Arroyo High School, El Monte, Calif., via Google maps street view. o much has already been written about the June 1958 murder of Geneva Hilliker Ellroy; there’s very little I can add to what my friend … Continue reading

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June 22, 1938

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Found on EBay

Why if it isn’t another another envelope sent to our old friend Prof. A. Victor “How to Have Beautiful Hair,”  “How to Be Happy Though Married” Segno. Alas, the money that was in this envelope was spent long ago. The … Continue reading

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June 21, 1938

  ne thing you have to say about Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw: He has a sense of humor. Upon returning from Washington, where he spent the final days of the Earle Kynette trial, Shaw was given a list of … Continue reading

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June 21, 1908

epublican William Taft gets the news that he has been nominated as the party’s presidential candidate. This sequence of photos must have seemed revolutionary for 1908. (And yes, this photo reminds me of one of my all-time favorite headlines: "Says … Continue reading

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June 21, 1908

  nteresting things from The Times Real Estate Section: The changing face of downtown Los Angeles (shout-out to my pals at and a proposed luxury hotel for Hollywood that I don't believe was built. This postcard at left gives … Continue reading

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Scientist disappears

lbert and Alfred… Before and after… Lost and found… Found but still missing … still haunted by something and still walking in a dream.  I pulled the photos of Albert and Alfred from their old-fashioned paper envelope, slightly tattered and … Continue reading

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Dodgers show patience

  June 20, 1958 By Keith Thursby Times staff writer ometimes it’s best to do nothing. Baseball teams fire managers all the time but Dodger owner Walter O’Malley publicly defended his manager, Walter Alston, despite the team’s last-place standing. "We … Continue reading

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June 20, 1938

609 E. 2nd St. in 1938, above, and the neighborhood via Google street view, below. At left, thugs vandalizing Jewish businesses in Berlin observe a day of rest. Above, D.W. Griffith’s "Birth of a Nation" at the Criterion, 7th and … Continue reading

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June 20, 1908

Page 1 Page 2 Page 4 Page 5

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June 19, 1938

ermany begins the systematic roundup of Jews on the pretext of putting them in "protective custody" or claiming that they are foreigners "without proper papers." "At Buchenwald Concentration Camp, near Weimar, it was reported that 65 army buses were arriving … Continue reading

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