Dodgers show patience

June 20, 1958

By Keith Thursby

Times staff writer

Dropcap_s_1941 ometimes it’s best to do nothing.

Baseball teams fire managers
all the time but Dodger owner Walter O’Malley publicly defended his
manager, Walter Alston, despite the team’s last-place standing. "We
can’t blame Alston for what has happened," O’Malley told the Associated
Press in a story carried by The Times. "The move to the coast, the
makeshift ballpark, the uncertainty of the [Chavez Ravine] election,
these things created an emotional turmoil that affected everybody."

The story was datelined
Brooklyn because O’Malley was in town for business and a checkup,
according to previous stories in The Times. Must have been strange to
be talking baseball in the town that a year ago was the Dodgers’ home.

O’Malley’s patience with Alston
certainly paid off. Alston led the Dodgers back to the World Series in
1959 and he won two more titles in 1963 and ’65. The Dodgers won seven
National League titles during Alston’s years.

"If I could purchase a policy
of insurance for the next 10 years that would guarantee us we’d be
within 8 1/2 games of first place by July 4, I’d buy that policy,"
O’Malley said. "And I’d be willing to wager that we’d win more pennants
than we’d lose."

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