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Jan. 16 in L.A. History

Jan. 16, 1910: The Times recaps Aviation Week.   A Week of Aviation Triumphs, Jan. 16, 1910 Library Officials May Remove Books on Making Alcohol, Jan. 16, 1920  TV Writers Go on Strike Over Residuals, Jan. 16, 1960 Matt Weinstock, … Continue reading

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Not on Netflix in February 2015: Dr. Who

Best of Netflix reports that Classic Dr. Who (1964-1989) and Dr. Who (2005-2012) will be removed from Netflix streaming in February 2015.

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Before You Watch ‘Mob City’ — Bugsy Siegel, Mickey Cohen and Chief Parker

Before you watch TNT’s “Mob City” tonight, read these items from The Times about what Police Capt. William H. Parker was actually doing in the 1940s. Parker served in the Army during World War II and was discharged in November … Continue reading

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Punk Rock Riot on Sunset Boulevard!

  How about this retro artwork on the ad for “Nicholas Nickleby?” Sort of Peter Max via “Yellow Submarine.” Jan. 10, 1983: A riot breaks out among an estimated 2,000 punk rockers during a concert at Studio Instrument Rentals at … Continue reading

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Aboard the Shuttle Challenger, a Landmark in Women’s History

Oct. 11, 1984: Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan, aboard the shuttle Challenger, becomes the first American woman to take a space walk. Sullivan was involved in an experiment to show that it was possible to refuel satellites in space, even if the … Continue reading

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James Curtis: L.A. Voices – Dick Lane, Part 7

Photo: Spade Cooley, named the honorary mayor of Encino, gives dictation to secretary Gloria Murphy, who is riding his stallion, Golden Nugget, 1954. This is Part 7 of James Curtis’ 1975 interview with Dick Lane. In this segment, Lane discusses … Continue reading

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Mike Wallace Interviews

I stumbled into a trove of interesting interviews by Mike Wallace that are online at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Austin at Texas. Here’s Wallace’s Aug. 25, 1957, interview with the notorious Freddie Otash, the former LAPD … Continue reading

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Coming Tomorrow: James Curtis’ L.A. Voices – Dick Lane, Part 5

Photo: Dick Lane in “Boom Town.” Coming up tomorrow: Part 5 of James Curtis’ interview with Dick Lane, who discusses Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, making “Wonder Man” with Danny Kaye and televising pro wrestling.

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#cold cases, #history, #museums, #religion, 8|2|2011

[Update: A previous version of this post had a 1972 headline about another hijacking. Thanks to Dewey Webb for pointing out the error.] Nov. 26, 1971: D.B. Cooper bails out with $200,000. Credit: Los Angeles Times SPOTLIGHT Tera W. Hunter … Continue reading

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James Curtis: L.A. Voices

Photo: Dick Lane and Helen Wallace in “Sioux City Sue,” 1946. In 1975, while still in college, I did a short series of interviews. There was no real purpose to these, other than they were with people who interested me … Continue reading

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Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

Photo: New, horse-drawn hearse for sale on EBay, $9,500. Credit: Justin Carriage Works Queen of the Dead—dateline July 18, 2011   • All the silent movie stars are long-gone, now we are down to memorializing their children. Rex Bell, Jr., … Continue reading

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Eve Golden: Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead—dateline July 4, 2011   • Adorable, baby-voiced actress Alice Playten, 63, died on June 25. She was one of those “oh, her!” actresses whose face and voice are more familiar than her name. She did zillions … Continue reading

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Quote: Fred Steiner, 1923 – 2011

Randy Lewis of The Times has a nice obit on Fred Steiner (1923-2011), who composed the famous theme for the “Perry Mason” show: Steiner said he wanted to create music for Mason, writer Erle Stanley Gardner’s legal-eagle lawyer, that projected … Continue reading

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Quote: Peter Falk’s ‘Columbo’ Should Have Failed

Peter Falk, 1927 – 2011 Watching CBS’ new savior, Jeff Sagansky, hold his first press conference this week, I kept wondering whether he’d ever heard William Link, co-creator of “Columbo,” describe the origins of that classic Peter Falk detective show. … Continue reading

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George Carlin, RIP

aybe you remember him as Al Sleet, the "Hippy, Dippy Weatherman with the hippy, dippy weather … man" or as Rufus in "Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure" or the author of an incredible number of jokes that are  eternally circulating … Continue reading

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May 31, 1958

At left, Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty! But wait, there’s roller derby: the San Francisco Bay Bombers vs. the Los Angeles Braves! Talk about mind-rotting nostalgia: "Heckle and Jeckle," "Mighty Mouse" and "Howdy Doody." And, hmm…. "Bowling Time" or "Topper"? … Continue reading

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March 16, 1958

Frances Farmer is interviewed by The Times’ Cecil Smith upon her return to acting in "The Tongues of Angels," a "Studio One" production. Farmer, whose life imploded in the 1940s, says: "I’m better now at my work than I have … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

Sept. 24, 1957 As dedicated ocean fishermen know, this is one of the greatest seasons in years for pulling in the elusive beauties of the deep. For many years they’ve had to be satisfied with getting "skunked" completely or with … Continue reading

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The Nielsens–add 1

What was "Gunsmoke?" Oh don’t do this to me. OK, kids. "Gunsmoke" was an incredibly popular TV show that went off the air in . . . 1975. (What? Could this be right?  Surely it wasn’t that long ago). It … Continue reading

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July 14, 1957Los Angeles The very name connotes elegance in home electronics: The Granada Hills. Really. And an early American TV at that, back in the days when television sets were supposedly to look like fine furniture instead of big … Continue reading

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