June 21, 1908






Dropcap_i_vadis_3 nteresting things from The Times Real Estate Section: The changing face of downtown Los Angeles (shout-out to my pals at onbunkerhill.org) and a proposed luxury hotel for Hollywood that I don't believe was built.

This postcard at left gives a better view of the observation tower and Angels Flight shown above in the 1908 photo of Bunker Hill. The building just to the left of the tower is the Crocker Mansion, which was demolished in 1908.

As for the hotel, it was the brainchild of Albert H. Beach, a promoter and developer who also had the notion of building a huge cotton mill in Los Angeles in 1909.  According to his 1936 obituary, Beach, 74, was a Canadian who came to Los Angeles in 1881 and was a playwright before he became a real estate developer. Hollywood's Beachwood Park was one of the 150 subdivisions he handled, The Times said.

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